Best SMG In Modern Warfare 3 – Ranked

Here’s a list of the Best SMGs in COD MW3 that you can rely on to clear out the room.

One of the best things about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is that it offers you plenty of weapons to use. There are just so many Assault Rifles, Snipers, and SMGs available. If you ask me, then I personally prefer using SMGs (or Submachine Guns) due to their higher mobility and fire rate. And I know that I am not alone as several other players like to use this weapon too.

For such players, our guide here features the list of the Best SMGs in MW3. The list does not consist of all the weapons but only those that are worth mentioning. That said, scroll down below to know our picks.

What is the Best SMG to use in COD MW3?

Note: The SMGs added below are what we find best. There are chances that you may or may not agree with the list. In such cases, you are free to experiment in-game to find your winning combination.

Rival-9 (Unlocks at level 25)

Whenever you find yourself stuck in close or mid-range combat, Rival-9 can save the day for you. This SMG weapon has medium damage but it is compensated with its high firing rate. One of the best things about this SMG is that it barely affects the Mobility. So even while carrying Rival-9, you can sprint or climb easily.

Best SMG In Modern Warfare 3

It has a 30-round default magazine which empties quickly due to its fire rate. But with a 40-round mag, you can eliminate that factor as well. One more thing, this weapon is not recommended for long-range fights. Due to its recoil, you’d find it difficult to connect the bullets. However, with a proper muzzle like Monolithic Suppressor, you can control Recoil as well. The Rival-9 truly lives up to the standards of the best SMGs in MW3.

Striker (Unlocks at level 4)

If you want to equip an easy-to-use SMG but don’t want to compromise with stats, then Striker is the best option for you. This weapon literally takes you to the top of the leaderboard without spending much time in grinds. It has great damage, recoil control, and handling.


On the other hand, there are a few departments like Range and Ammo Capacity in which the Striker lacks effectiveness. Thanks to the attachments like Striker Recon Long Barrel and 40-round mag, you can fix those flaws as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or veteran player, the Striker is an evergreen SMG in MW3.

AMR9 (Unlocks at level 4)

From what I have seen and experienced, AMR9 feels more like an Assault Rifle than SMG. Yes, this weapon has that level of destructive potential on the battlefield. Much like the above two SMGs, this one excels in close and mid-range battles as well. If you don’t have the Rival-9 then the AMR9 is a good alternate.

Best SMG In Modern Warfare 3

Sticking up to the AMR9 and maxing it out rewards you with attachments like 9mm High Grain. Equipping this attachment will reduce recoil control slightly, but increases bullet damage and speed greatly. But you can balance recoil by using attachments like VX Pineapple (Barrel) Seraph-14 Heavy Carbine Stock.

I suggest you take out these weapons for a trial run and do some practice first. Once you are confident enough, you can give them a try against real enemies in Death Matches, etc.

That covers everything on our list of the Best SMGs in COD MW3. For more information, feel free to check out our other guides on COD Modern Warfare 3 on Gamer Tweak.