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GoW Ragnarok Best Settings For Graphics, Performance & Gameplay

Here are the best Settings that you should use in God of War Ragnarok.

Playing God of War Ragnarok using the best settings will make your experience even better. Be it a simple toggle such as switching from Performance mode to Graphics mode or vice versa. Or other important settings that can help improve your gameplay. Using the ones that work best for you will help you out a lot. So in this guide check out the best settings in God of War Ragnarok for improved gameplay and learn about performance mode vs graphics mode.


God of War Ragnarok Best Settings (Graphics Vs Performance)

god of war ragnarok best settings graphics vs performance modes

You should use the Performance mode when playing God of War Ragnarok. It is better in most cases as it gives you a constant 60 FPS while you play. It does come at the cost of lower graphics as compared to the graphics mode. But it still isn’t a deal breaker. Here is the mode that you should select:

  • Performance mode: Players that prefer smoother gameplay over graphics. This mode is better when you are fighting enemies and bosses in the game. Especially if you like playing on higher difficulties, as the enemies are much more relentless. And even though there is a slightly noticeable drop in graphical quality. It doesn’t make the game look bad, you can only notice major differences when switching to the Graphics mode.
  • Graphics mode: Players who are looking to enjoy the beauty of the Nine realms that the game offers should use this mode. While you don’t get a smooth 60 FPS, you can still play the game at 30 FPS. Which is a fair tradeoff as it enhances your graphics, visuals, and other effects. Making it such that you get an even more immersive experience.

Gameplay Improvement Settings in GoW Ragnarok

  • Aim Assist: Off. Keeping it on might improve your aim, but at times it will also target enemies that you didn’t intend to.
  • Auto Pick up: Essential+. This option automatically picks up any drops by the enemies. And it also picks up resources like Hacksilver, Stonewood, and more for you.
  • Navigational Assist: On. This works somewhat similarly to how Survival Instinct does in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Press R3 to get assistance on where you have to go next.

Other than the above 3 settings you can leave most settings as default.


That covers this guide on the best God of War Ragnarok settings for graphics, performance, and gameplay. Since you like playing this game also check out our GoW Ragnarok Wiki to get help on everything related to this game.