Top 10 Best Free Roblox Script Executors (2024)

Looking for some exploits or executors? Check out our guide to find out the top 10 best free Roblox Script Executors for your games.

Being a Sandbox platform, players can play and create different games on Roblox. But as the platform offers many games to experience, most players are looking for some exploits or hacks. Speaking of which, you can use exploits, namely the different Script Executors.

These executors can inject the different scripts into your favorite games. You get features like Infinite Health, Aim-bot, auto-click, or infinite ammo. We have compiled a list of the best Script executors to save you time. So, here are the top 10 best free Roblox script executors to choose from.

Top 10 Best Free Roblox Script Executors (2024)

Mentioned below are the Top 10 best and safest Roblox script executors to use:


If you are looking for a free and reliable Roblox script executor, Krnl is your best pick. It was developed and created by Ice Bear, who is widely known in the V3rmillion community. Being freely available, it also offers fewer crashes or freezing issues. This script executor also releases updates and patches every week for any fixes. This is your best choice for the Roblox players looking for a free executor with premium features.


JJSploit is one of the most power-packed Roblox Script Executors with features like God Mode, infinite jump, click teleport, and more. JJSploit is a free executor best suited for beginners and skilled scripters alike. The best part about it is that it features Lua executor. For those who don’t know, Lua is the primary script of Roblox. Furthermore, it also drops frequent updates to keep up with Roblox’s script. It is an effective script executor with a simple interface to use. Ensure this executor is updated to its latest versions to avoid issues.

best roblox script executors


Proxo exploit is one of the best Roblox script executors for your Roblox games or experiences. As you use this executor, it offers stability and several other features. These features include the Infinite Jump, respawn, or an option to change the daytime. You can always change the time in the game: night, day, or full bright. While its official site has been down, you can download the Proxo exploit through other trusted sites. But download them at your own risk since several sites can contain malicious content or malware.

Nonsense Diamond

Using the Nonsense Diamond executor, you can get exploits, hacks, and scripts for many Roblox games and experiences. There are exploits for over 50 Roblox games that you can choose from. You must select the game from the list and apply the exploits or hacks to them. Unlike other exploits, it’s pretty easy to use this script executor. All you need to do is inject that script into your game.


If you are looking for a script executor with a sleek UI and various features, look no further. ScreamSploit is a leading script executor for all the Roblox games with the best support. You can enable silent aim, no recoil, instant reload, rapid fire, and more features depending on the Roblox game. The best part about this Script executor is that it updates automatically. So, you don’t have to look for any outstanding updates and download them.


One of the main highlights of the Calamari exploits is its simplistic User interface. You can rearrange and customize their different features for easy access. You don’t have to use any other script executor, as you can run all the scripts for your favorite games. It offers a smooth performance with fewer chances of crashing or freezing. One of its main features includes Auto Aim, which you can use for games like Phantom Forces.


Fluxus is a script executor exploit for Roblox games that’s best known for its full customization feature. You can customize the game according to your preferences without worrying about crashing scripts. It has a simple design and is compatible with all the Roblox games. The Fluxus exploit also claims there is no chance of an in-game ban when using this exploit. This exploit remains undetected with a seamless and smooth performance. Among its several features, some of them include the Infinite Ammo and Infinite Jumps for all Roblox games.

CocoZ Script Executor

Considered one of the safest free script executors for Roblox, CocoZ exploit has an extensive range of features. With reliable assistance, you remain undetected during your playthrough. If you are a beginner using these exploits, CocoZ can be the simplest executor for your Roblox games or experiences. Along with executing scripts, it also has numerous different features. These features include ESP Aimbot and teleportation. Being a lightweight executor, its script injector is also extremely fast.

Synapse X

Synapse X is arguably the best executor for Roblox or any game. It relies on a well-tested, heavy-duty execution that can run almost everything you throw. It promises no bugs, glitches, or crashes with its stable software. But unlike the above executors, it is a premium script executor for your games or experiences. Its price ranges from $20, and you can use a card or crypto-currency to purchase. Synapse X promises a safe download and supports Windows 10 (64-bit) or above platforms.


Out of all the above Roblox script executors, SirHurt offers the most features. Similar to JJsploit, it offers full Lua compatibility. While initially starting only as an advanced Roblox exploit, Sirhurt has been remodeled into a complete script executor for other games. Over here, you can also purchase Robux at much cheaper prices. Likewise, you can also sell them depending on their price rates.

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Disclaimer: Adding or injecting scripts into any Roblox game is a bannable offense. If you are caught using them by other players or Roblox, you can temporarily or permanently get banned. You can check out their Terms and Conditions for detailed information. Furthermore, using these exploits can also cause financial damage to the devs of your favorite Roblox games. We don’t support or endorse using Script executors, hacks, or exploits. So, we suggest using these script executors and their exploits at your risk.

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