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Roblox: How To Check Your Playtime Easily (2023)

Here is how you can check how much time you spent playing Roblox.

Some of the Roblox games can be very engaging and so it is easy to forget how much time you played. But this may be fine if it happens once in a while, you wouldn’t want this to become a habit. And that is why many players are looking to check their playtime in their favorite Roblox games. But you cannot simply check your profile to see your time spent in each Experience. So here is how you can check how much time you spend playing Roblox.


How to Find how Much you Played Roblox

roblox how to check your playtime

Roblox doesn’t natively give you the option to check how much time you spend playing the game. So there is no official way to track the time you spend on individual Experiences. Fret not, even though there are no in-built options for it, there are some workarounds you can use to check your playtime. Here are 3 ways you can check your Roblox playtime:

  • Using the RoPro extension
  • Installing Screen time checking software on your PC
  • Using your Phone’s Digital Wellbeing

This is how each of the above methods work:


Using RoPro extension

RoPro is an extension for Roblox that you can use to check your playtime. Once you install and start using it, this extension it will tell you the time you spend playing each Experience in Roblox. There are two problems with it though. The first is this is a browser extension, so for any game you play you will have to launch from a browser, instead of the Roblox Player.

Another thing to remember is this extension only shows you information from the time you install it and for individual experiences. So you cannot expect it to show your playtime of all the games you have been playing before you installed it.


Do remember you should use extensions at your own risk. While many of them are safe, if they get hacked then your Roblox account can get compromised.

Installing Screen time checking software on your PC

The best way to check how much you play Roblox on PC would be to install some third-party apps to monitor your screen time. These apps can be pretty handy to check which games and apps you use daily and how much you use. Depending on the software you use you can also add parental locks to limit the playtime of Roblox.


Using Phone’s Digital Wellbeing

Digital well-being is a feature that most Android phones come with nowadays. It is no third-party app and you can access it from the settings itself. Here you can check your Roblox playtime. You can even add a timer for closing Roblox if your play session exceeds a certain time.

iOS also gives you a similar feature by the name: Screen time. Go to Settings then Screen time. Here select See all activity, this will show you all the apps you used and for how long.

That covers this guide on all ways to check how much your played Roblox and monitor your screen time. I suggest you also check out our Roblox guides to get help on other topics for its games.