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Madden 23 Best QBs: Who Are The Top Quarterbacks?

Here's your guide on the Best QBs in Madden 23.

Quarterbacks are an integral part of any NFL team. They define the offense of the team and may have an impact on the result of the team. Now that EA Sports has released Madden 23 onto multiple platforms, it might just be a great addition to the long-running NFL series. Though the game brings fresh changes compared to Madden 22, the element of football is still exciting. Since the game has been released and so have the overall ratings, it is time we check out the ratings of signal-callers. If you are excited to see who the best QBs are in this NFL addition Madden 23, this guide is for you.

Who are the Best QBs in Madden 23?

Madden 23 Best Quarterbacks

Madden 23 is another addition to the NFL game series and your Quarterbacks will lead your march towards a touchdown. In such a case, their attributes and stats will play a major role in how these signal-callers form your offense. If you are going for a Fantasy Draft, it is better to have the highest-rated players.

The following list of players may or may not have your favorite player. But at the time of writing, EA has provided these Quarterbacks with the highest overall ratings in Madden 23. Here are the Best QBs in Madden 23:

Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers 97 OVR
 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers 96 OVR
 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs 95 OVR
 Josh Allen Buffalo Bills 92 OVR
 Joe Burrow Cincinnati Bengals 90 OVR
Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys 89 OVR
 Justin Herbert Los Angeles Chargers 88 OVR
 Russell Wilson Denver Broncos 87 OVR
 Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens 87 OVR
 Matthew Stafford Los Angeles Rams 85 OVR

That’s all there is on the Best QBs in Madden 23, hope one of these Quarterbacks is your favorite. While you are here, make sure you check out how to Stiff Arm, how to Juke, and more such guides with Gamer Tweak.