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Madden 23: How To Stiff Arm

Here's a guide for all you NFL enthusiasts who want to Stiff Arm an opponent in Madden 23.

EA Sports has released Madden 23 onto multiple platforms. The new American football video game is another great addition to the long-running Madden NFL series. While it brings fresh changes compared to Madden 22, your goal to win games should remain the same. Although there is a certain time factor involved, Stiff Arm feels so much better than most moves. It is an exciting move to watch in the sport and an equally exciting move to perform in the game. In this guide, we will show you how to execute a Stiff Arm in Madden 23.

How to Stiff Arm Opponents in Madden 23

Madden 23 Stiff Arm Opponents
Image Source: Ferdy (YouTube)

While there are quite a lot of moves when you want to dodge your opponents and head to the end zone, Stiff Arm seems pretty much in a different league. Although the move does has a time factor that can only be perfected through practice. Here’s how to Stiff Arm opponents in Madden 23:

  • For PC Users – Press E when the opponents close in on you.
  • For PS Users – Press X when the opponents close in on you.
  • For Xbox Users – Press A when the opponents close in on you.

Do keep in mind that the above-mentioned key binds are default and might differ if you have changed any. Now that this is out of the way, we have repeatedly mentioned the time factor. If you mistime your Stiff Arm in NFL, you will fail in the move.

The best thing that you can do to avoid that is to head to training or Exhibition mode where you can freely practice without the burden of a loss. So make sure you have an agile, strong, and fast player heading towards the end zone with the ball.

Additionally, you might be aware of the abilities that players possess in Madden 23. One such ability is the Arm Bar which provides a more powerful Stiff Arm animation.

That’s all there is on how to Stiff Arm in Madden 23. If this guide helped you, check out our Guides for more content that you will like at Gamer Tweak.