Best PvP Games To Play Right Now

PvP games have often pitted the best-skilled players from all over the world against each other and the best pvp games of all time have brought out some of the best gamers we have seen dominate the esports stage.

Players train for years, developing skills because each time you get into a random or a ranked match you never know whom you are going against and this pushes players to be more creative, more aggressive, and more dominant honing their skills.

While esport is growing each year, these best pvp games have given us some of the most famous gamers, streamers, and teams from all over us, none of these would have been if it wasn’t for games that pushed these individuals to achieve greatness.

Players like Shroud, Ninja, S1MPLE, and more have found their footings in some of these best pvp games of all time cementing their legacy not only as an esport competitive but a gaming powerhouse who can take on any challenge.

List of Best PvP Games in 2020

Check out our list of the best pvp games of all times and if you are really good at any of these, you can become one of the best in the world in no time. This mixed bag of games that dominate esports and at home competitions will certainly prepare you for some of the biggest gaming spectacles in the world.

1. Counter-Strike Global Offensive

CSGO brings the biggest teams out to some of the iconic maps in Counter-Strike history, CSGO is the successor to games like Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Source but with this one being more balanced and better gameplay.

Teams like TSM, Team Liquid, Astralis, NaVi and more vie for the top spot whenever there is a global tournament are always at the forefront challenging for the top spot. CSGO has unearthed great talents like S1MPLE, Dizzy, and Shroud from the CSGO competitive scene with more players dominating the scene every day.

This highly competitive game will put you in a team of 5 and all you have to do is take down everyone on the opponent’s team.

2. DOTA 2

DOTA 2 came to the scene as a single map from the World of Warcraft game and soon was created into a game on its own. Dota 2 soon rose among the competitive scene with the huge team battling out for the biggest prize in competitive gaming. Millions of fans from all over the world come together to watch the ESL take place.

Here usually DOTA 2 is the biggest attraction and the teams bring out their biggest players and best strategies to clash and win this online grueling battle arena game. Players like KuroKy, Puppey, Miracle- and Ateezy are known as the biggest strategist and the best players when it comes to DOTA 2.

The matches are immensely breathtaking and it is a spectacle for anyone wanting to get into the DOTA gaming scene. You will truly be stunned and at times be confused about what to pay attention to as the games move on so quickly.

The online DOTA 2 community is highly competitive and often you will find no room for mistakes as you will surely get called out for making mistakes but it is all about making you better and winning for the team.

3. League of Legends

League of Legends is similar to Dota 2, from the maps to the characters but a lot of players have taken a liking to League of Legends and would not give it up for anything else in the world. League of Legends brings the best from all over the world, as you can check out the documentary made about the game which covers things from development to the global top esport game of all times.

League of Legends streamers often have really intense and long battles online and dominate the streaming charts on twitch. A certainly great game to get into but the learning curve is steep and will most likely take you months to master.

League of Legends will certainly test your skills and responsiveness to your surroundings, you will see big-time players switch strategies in seconds and adapting their play according to the situation.

4. Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale came on the scene and completely changed the game, it has not only become an entertainment powerhouse but also brings in some of the best endgame moments as players can freely create buildings for defense and offense. This ability has made fortnite not only one of the best fps in the world but also a good place to hone your creativity and build mega structures that will leave the opponents in awe.

Often times you will see Fortnite players not only celebrating each kill with some of the best victory dances but the influx of pop culture has made the game one of the best to get in as you will see a lot of familiar things.

Once you get a hang of fortnite though, it will be a massive challenge to win games, you will need to create buildings to your advantage, use your surroundings too and get the best weapons in the game. All of this makes Fortnite a much more complete game than any other battle royale right now.


Fifa has been a series that has continually grown with each year, thousands of players get playing the various challenges laid out by EA, and completing these challenges earns rewards. However, when it comes to online matches, other players can quickly channel the player they are playing with and surprise you with a skill so good it will leave your jaw wide open.

Fifa has world cups just like football and these tournaments can get really frantic and players turn aggressive with each misplaced pass or a shot off target. Fifa brings the intensity of the real game out in each competitor and is one of the major causes for the longevity of the game.

Fifa is equally enjoyable when played with friends or strangers online and with the esports competitions gaining recognition, we are seeing more and more players getting into playing competitive Fifa and making a name for themselves. Players are generally cheered for pack openings and there is generally a lot of content to keep you fixed.

6. For Honor

For Honor may not have a world tournament as such but that doesn’t take out the fact that battling other players as a medieval warrior is anything less competitive. For Honor brings out the best of sparring, sword fighting, and other melee combat techniques to the game.

You take play as any of the characters ranging from Vikings, Samurais, Knights, and many more in between. Each character brings something new to the fight, be it weapons, or techniques, or just fancy clothing if you’re into it, but all builds up towards a fierce battle that other games simply cannot replicate.

For Honor is not only making people fight 1v1 but is also developing new fighting techniques that will be seen in upcoming games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It just seems amazing to know that a great pvp is the leading cause for a revolution in the gaming industry and as more and more people play this game it will only keep on giving more.

7. GTA Online

GTA Online differs from almost all of the games on this list as GTA Online kind of has everything in it. You can race other people, you can shoot other players and get into really intense revenge based matches.

There’s always something to do in GTA V, the activities range from non-violent to war scenarios in an instant. There is a constant theme of unexpectedness in GTA Online and it is something you can never tire off from.

Make sure that your next GTA Online session is filled with a lot of action, if you are simply bored of doing the missions this can be a great way to blow of some steam and even make new friends along the way.

8. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare burst onto the scene way back in 2007 and has created a category for itself, team deathmatches were popularized with this game and it gave a rise to a lot of other developers to follow in this path, but no one yet has quite mastered the same feat since.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remains one of the best games in history to be released. The game gave a realistic picture of what an actual warzone felt like. Players soon come up with creative and crafty moves to get an advantage on their opponents.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had a great progression system that rewarded for their creativity and perks helped define a style for the player. These perks made it possible for players to have a custom advantage going into the battle in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and dominate the play.

9. Halo Combat Evolved

Before any other developer could implement or even think of bringing such a huge collection of players online together Halo was the first game where players got to face each other and get into massive team matches.

Halo also saw the generation-defining movement of teabagging your opponent to add insult to injury after you take down your opponents. These things came together to make Halo Combat Evolved one of the most famous games ever made.

This cemented Halo’s legacy and has spawned off sequels that have only gone on to make more memories and connect people over the world together in this magnificent franchise. Halo is often regarded as one of the best franchises in the world and this is even with it being a console exclusive. With Halo Infinite the coming together of PC players and Xbox players will once again bring millions of players together.

10. Unreal Tournament

Online FPS games wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Unreal Tournament, this game brought players together and gave them weapons to kill and destroy each other online. The fast-paced action meant that you always had to be on your toes and never really had a chance to catch your breath.

The main element that Unreal Tournament brought to the gaming industry is the fact that it gave players a chance to interpret their gaming style on to the game, no longer players were restricted to how the game wants you to move but instead, you dictated the play and this was revolutionary at the time.

This brought in mobility, one of the key aspects to being great at pvp matches, now with shooting and dodging attacking, you could even jump far away distances, run, and gun and sneak up on your opponents. This is one of the reasons why Unreal Tournament is held in such high regard.

These are some of the best pvp games of all time, the gaming industry, especially the esports side of gaming owes a ton to these games as they have laid the foundation and been the base at which future games have gone on to improve upon.

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