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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Best Moves To Catch Pokemon & Complete Pokedex

Here are the best moves that should help you catch Pokemon easily in Scarlet & Violet.

There are some moves in the Pokemon series that make catching Pokemon a breeze and the games Scarlet & Violet are no different to it. You might wonder why would you want such moves. The reason as the name implies is they are better suited for catching them which will help you complete the Pokedex and get the Shiny charm. So without further ado here are the best moves to help catch Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet.


Best Moves for Catching Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

best moves for catching pokemon in scarlet and violet

The best move to help catch Pokemon is False Swipe. This move is especially useful if you have higher-level Pokemon as it ensures the target Pokemon has at least 1 HP left. But there are cases where Pokemon inflict damage upon themselves so this is where Status and other useful moves come in. Here are some other moves that can help the process of catching them get easier:

  • Normal Moves:
    • Mean Look: This move prevents Wild Pokemon from escaping. It is useful when your target Pokemon is a Legendary or can use Teleport to escape.
    • Super Fang: Takes off half of the target Pokemon’s HP with every use.
  • Status Moves:
    • Sleep Power (Grass): Use it to make the target Pokemon fall asleep. Its effects can last for 1 to 3 turns. Although it won’t affect Pokemon whose abilities are Vital Spirit or Insomnia.
    • Stun Spore (Grass): Use it to paralyze your target. Although it won’t affect Electric Pokemon with the ability Limber.
    • Thunder Wave (Electric): Use it to paralyze your target. Same as above, Pokemon with Limber ability won’t be affected by this move.

An important tip for using status moves is you should avoid status moves that inflict burn and poison. As it will make the process of catching them even harder by increasing the chances of the target Pokemon fainting when on low HP.


Hence the best strategy would be to have higher-level Pokemon use Sleep Powder and False Swipe. Using these two moves you should be able to catch Pokemon and fill up the Pokedex a lot faster than going around and using random moves.

That covers this guide on the best Pokemon-catching moves that you can use in Scarlet & Violet. Since you like playing this game don’t forget to check our Pokemon SV section.