Pokemon Go: Best Pokemon for Attack, Defense and Stamina

Catch the most Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Which is the most powerful Pokemon Pokemon GO is the most frequently asked question by the trainers. Now that new deeper raid fights and challenging gym battles have been added, pokemon trainers have are also looking for defense and pokemon with the best stamina to sustain with the team in every battle. So we decided to make a list of Best Pokemons in Pokemon go as per Attack, Defense and Stamina so you can pick up the best for every category.

Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Our list of best pokemon is based on each pokemon’s stats(HP and CP), and which are the moves will impact the most. From the complete list of the Pokemons including the Gen 4 Update, here is one of the best and most powerful pokemon you should consider using during battles and raids.

Best Attack Pokemon in Pokemon Go

If you are an aggressive trainer and want to make good damage from the start then here are the 10 best pokemon which are good with attack stats. The damage may differ depending on your pokemon level.

  • Deoxys – Legendary Psychic type (345 Attack)
  • Mewtwo – Legendary Psychic type (300 Attack)
  • Rampardos – Rock type (295 Attack)
  • Slaking – Normal type (290 Attack)
  • Rayquaza – Legendary Dragon / Flying type (284 Attack)
  • Palkia – Dragon / Water type (280 Attack)
  • Salamence – Dragon / Flying type (277 Attack)
  • Dialga – Dragon / Steel type (275 Attack)
  • Alakazam – Psychic type (271 Attack)
  • Groudon – Dragon / Flying type (270 Attack)

best pokemon attack pokemon go

Best Defense Pokemon in Pokemon Go

If you are planning to stay longer on the Battleground and drain enemies stamina then we have the best defense Pokemon to take charge of your battle. Please note that the Legendary Pokemon can attack more aggressively than normal pokemons, so Use these mostly to defend your Gym Titles.

  • Shuckle – Bug / Rock type (396 Defense)
  • Deoxys – Psychic type (330 Defense)
  • Lugia – Legendary Psychic / Flying type (310 Defense)
  • Regirock – Legendary Rock type (309 Defense)
  • Regice – Legendary Ice type (309 Defense)
  • Bastiodon – Rock / Steel type (286 Defense)
  • Registeel – Legendary Steel type (285 Defense)
  • Steelix – Steel / Ground type (272 Defense)
  • Cresselia – Legendary Psychic type (258 Defense)
  • Aggron – Steel / Rock type (257 Defense)

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best pokemon defense pokemon go

Best Stamina & HP Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Stamina is basically how much HP your Pokemon has and mostly used to defend the gym. Check out the 10 best pokemons in pokemon go with best stamina and HP.

  • Blissey – Normal type (496 Stamina)
  • Chansey – Normal type (487 Stamina)
  • Wobuffet – Psychic type (382 Stamina)
  • Wailord – Water-type (347 Stamina)
  • Snorlax – Normal type (330 Stamina)
  • Drifblim – Ghost / Flying type (312 Stamina)
  • Hariyama – Fighting type (302 Stamina)
  • Wigglytuff – Normal / Fairy type (295 Stamina)
  • Munchlax – Normal type (286 Stamina)
  • Giratina – Legendary Ghost / Dragon type (225 Stamina)

best pokemon stamina pokemon go

Which one is your favorite pokemon in Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments below and do check our other Guides and Cheats for Pokemon GO.

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