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Pokemon GO: How To Get All Eevee Evolutions

Trying to get the different Eeveelutions in Pokemon GO? Check out this guide to learn how to evolve Eevee.

Having an Eevee on your team can be a lifesaver in Pokemon GO thanks to its different evolutions. So whether you need a Grass-type on your team or a Dark Pokemon, Eevee has you covered. And the stronger your Eevee is the better it will get after you evolve it. So in this guide let us check how to get all Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon GO that are Glaceon, Leafeon, Sylveon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon.

How to Get all Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon GO

how to get all pokemon go eevee evolutions

In order to get all the Eeveelutions in Pokemon GO, you will have to change the nickname of your Eevee before evolving it. These are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Catch an Eevee.
  2. Walk with your Eevee as a buddy to collect its candies. You can also catch multiple Eevee to speed up the candy collection process.
  3. Once you have 25 candies ready nickname your Eevee that you wish to evolve. It is recommended you nickname the one with the highest stats on your team.
  4. These are the nicknames to use for getting the different Eeveelutions
    • Vaporeon: Change nickname to Rainer
    • Flareon: Change nickname to Pyro
    • Jolteon: Change nickname to Sparky
    • Espeon: Change nickname to Sakura
    • Umbreon: Change nickname to Tamao
    • Leafeon: Change nickname to Linnea
    • Glaceon: Change nickname to Rea
    • Sylveon: Change nickname to Kira
  5. After you have changed its name press the Evolve button and you will get that Eeveelution.

A minor catch here is this method works only for the first time. So if you don’t already have the certain evolution then it will work else it won’t. So let us say you have a Vaporeon but not Jolteon. And you name your Eevee Sparky then you will get a Jolteon. But if you name it Rainer you may or may not get a Vaporeon.

Other ways to get Glaceon, Leafeon, Espeon, Umbreon, & Sylveon in Pokemon GO

These 5 Eeveelutions are special because you can evolve them without performing the name trick. So if you have a strong Eevee and already own that form of it. You can still get them again.

  • Espeon: Walk Eevee as your buddy for 10 KM, then while it is your buddy evolve it during the day.
  • Umbreon: Walk Eevee as your buddy for 10 KM, then while it is your buddy evolve it during the night.
  • Leafeon: Use a Mossy Lure and then evolve your Eevee.
  • Glaceon: Use a Glacial Lure and then evolve your Eevee.
  • Sylveon: Walk Eevee as your buddy and get 70 hearts, then while it is your buddy evolve it.

That covers this guide on how to get all Eevee evolutions in Pokemon Go. You should also check out our other Pokemon GO guides if you need more help with this game.

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