Baldur’s Gate 3 Origin Characters Tier List: Best Characters (2023)

Confused between choosing the playable Origin characters in BG3? Check out our Baldur's Gate 3 Origin characters tier list ranking all the Origin characters or companions from best to worst.

If you are looking for the Baldur’s Gate 3 Origin characters tier list, you might be confused about the characters or companions to start with. While you can also create a new character from scratch, choosing the Origin characters offers unique backstories within the playthrough. With Origins as your companions, the choices or decisions you make can sculpt their fate and backstory. In total, there are seven Origin characters you can choose from as playable characters. You can get a variety of personal quests if you choose them. But who is the best character out of them all? Find out the best Origin characters in BG3 ranked from best to worst.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Origin Characters Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

best baldur's gate 3 origin characters tier list bg3

Here are all the Origin characters ranked in BG3 from best to worst in order:

  • Dark Urge
  • Karlach
  • Astarion
  • Shadowheart
  • Lae’zel
  • Wyll
  • Gale

So, let’s break down every Origin character in Baldur’s Gate 3 based on our above rankings:

Dark Urge

  • Race: Customizable
  • Class: Customizable
  • In-game Description: You remember nothing of your past besides that you walked a path paved with blood. As you venture on, you find yourself inescapably drawn toward unimaginable cruelties. Where do these thoughts come from?

Being the only Origin character in BG3 that can be fully customized, playing the Dark Urge is a fresh experience for new as well as veteran players. As a character suffering from amnesia, playing as Dark Urge revolves around shredding various layers of their backstory. Out of all the Origin characters, this is the only character that cannot be recruited for the party.


  • Race: Zariel Tiefling
  • Class: Barbarian
  • In-game Description: I was a prisoner, forced to fight in the Blood War. The eternal battle between bad and worse.

Karlach is an Origin character that was thrown and forced to fight the wars of Nine Hells. With a personal agenda for those that have wronged her, Karlach arguably has the most interesting backstories. But talking about her stats, she has an advantage on Perception, Intimidation, and Performance checks with more Strength stats. While you cannot customize her, you can respec her ability points according to your suited uses.


  • Race: Elf
  • Class: Rogue
  • In-game Description: Astarion prowled the night as a vampire spawn for centuries, serving a sadistic master until a mind-flayer parasite freed him from his bonds. Now that he can walk in daylight the game is on, for only his old master stands in the way of him becoming the greatest vampire the world has ever known.

If you don’t wish to romance Astarion, you shouldn’t miss becoming a vampire and getting a vampire bite. As a sadistic character, this Origin character relishes in the suffering of other characters. You can drink the blood of your enemies while debuffing them. But most importantly, Astarion is proficient and excels at stealth. So, choosing this Origin character is best suited if you prefer stealth gameplay in Baldur’s Gate 3. Otherwise, romancing him as a companion is also not a bad idea.


best baldur's gate 3 origin characters tier list bg3 shadow heart

  • Race: Half-Elf
  • Class: Cleric
  • In-game Description: One of Shar’s dark disciples, Shadowheart was sent on a suicide mission to steal an item of great power. While wrestling with her faith and strange, untamed magic, Shadowheart has enemies on all sides – and a long-buried secret to uncover.

As a Half-elf and a disciple of the Shar goddess, Shadowheart offered her memories for the religious work. Despite that, Shadowheart is friendly but cold. If you choose to play Shadowheart as an Origin character, you can heal your party members. But she somewhat lacks in offense while being the best in defense. If you are not intrigued with her backstory, choosing Shadowheart as a companion allows you to romance her or take advantage of her healing abilities.


  • Race: Githyanki
  • Class: Fighter
  • In-game Description: Lae’zel is a consummate warrior, ferocious even by the standards of a githyanki creche. Faced with transforming into the very monster she has sworn to destroy, Lae’zel must prove herself worthy of rejoining her people.

Mastering the art of war, Lae’zel is the best Origin character in BG3 when it comes to strength and combat. Being infected with the mind flayer which are the sworn enemies of Githyanki, Lae’zel has an interesting back story to begin with. But despite that, Lae’zel lacks decent character development or progression.


  • Race: Human
  • Class: Warlock
  • In-game Description: Noble by birth, Wyll made his name as the heroic ‘Blade of Frontiers’. But to become a living legend, he struck a bargain with the devil, a bargain from which he longs to break free before it consumes his soul for good.

While this Origin character is not powerful as Karlach or Lae’zel when it comes to strength, there’s no other character with such charisma. After striking a deal with the devil, Wyll longs to break free from the tormenting bargain. Comparing the stats with other Origin characters, Wyll has the best Intimidation and Persuasion checks. But if you are looking to explore more races other than Humans, choosing Wyll as a companion fighting alongside your party is also a great alternative.


  • Race: Human
  • Class: Wizard
  • In-game Description: Gale is a wizard prodigy whose love for a goddess made him attempt a dread feat no mortal should. Blighted by the forbidden magic of ancient Netheril, Gale strives to undo the corruption that is overtaking him and win back his goddess’ favor before he becomes a destroyer of worlds.

As a human wizard, this Origin character went too far with the thirst for the knowledge of Arcane. And as a result, suffered the consequences explored within the playthrough. Since he is a wizard, he has the most spells and magic scrolls. Although not intended to nitpick his backstory or narrative, it doesn’t feel as well executed as other Origin characters to me.

Who is the Best Origin Character in Baldur’s Gate 3?

best baldur's gate 3 origin characters tier list bg3

In terms of backstory and customization options, the Dark Urge is the best Origin character in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you are a beginner or new to the series, playing Dark Urge can offer you first-hand experience. Although you can choose other Origin characters as companions, you cannot choose Dark Urge. So, if you choose to play Dark Urge, you won’t be missing out on any characters.

If you want to play a Strength-based character, we recommend choosing Karlach or Lae’zel. Being Barbarian and Fighter classes respectively, these Orgin characters offer physical endurance along with more damage output. But in the end, all the Origin characters are suitable in their ways. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

That’s all about Baldur’s Gate 3 Origin characters tier list. If you found this guide helpful, check out more guides on the best party combination, the best Class tier list, and explore more BG3 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.