Best Moveset For Volcarona In Pokemon Go

Keen to move forward with Volcarona in Pokemon Go? Here are the Best Movesets that you can get with this Pokemon.

Volcarona is a Bug & Fire-type Pokemon which is a devolved version of Larvesta in Pokemon Go. If you are having a tough time during combat, then this Pokemon can save you. Just like it saved all the people and creatures during the cold. Much like other Pokemon, Volcarona has a very diverse arsenal too. Which gets strengthened during Rainy and Sunny Weather.

Since you can not select all the moves at once, you have to pick the best one out. And luckily, we have done that work for you. Our guide here features the Best Movesets for Volcarona in Pokemon Go. So if you are eyeing this Pokemon for PvE or PvP battles, these are the moves you should get.

Best Volcarona Moveset in Pokemon Go

Best Moveset For Volcarona In Pokemon Go

No matter what they say, Bug Bite and Overheat is the Best Moveset for Volcarona. Both of these moves lead with a DPS of 17.62 and TDO of 531.40 in Pokemon Go. So no matter what other combination you try, Bug Bite and Overheat are going to be the top moves in his arsenal. To learn more about them, check out the following points:

  • Bug Bite
    • It is a Bug-type Fast move that deals 5 Damage and costs 6 Energy during Gym and Raid Battles. However, during Battle League, the Bug Bite only deals 3 Damage and costs Energy.
  • Overheat
    • This one is a Fire-type Charged move that deals 160 Damage and costs 100 Energy during Gym and Raid Battles. And while in the Battle League, it will cost you 55 Energy to cause 130 Damage to the enemies.

In case you want to try something else, then Fire Spin and Overheat is also a great alternative. This combo has a DPS of 17.11 and 516.0 TDO, which is good as well.

That covers everything about the Best Volcarona Moveset. For more information, be sure to check out our dedicated section for Pokemon Go Guides on Gamer Tweak.