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Best Marvel Snap Move Deck (2023)

Here is the best Move Deck in Marvel Snap that you can use to win in all the conditions.

There is no doubt why Marvel Snap was the Best Mobile Game of 2022. This turn-based spectacle is a delight to play for all the Marvel Fans out there. Showcase your strategic mindset by creating a perfect winning deck. Every card in this game beholds an ability that benefits the players. Such cards can be brought together in a single deck to gain the most out of it. While you can build a Discard Deck or Destroy Deck, a Move Deck can also be your key to victory. Fascinated right? Here’s our guide that features the Best Move Deck build in Marvel Snap.


Best Move Deck Build in Marvel Snap

Best Move Deck In Marvel Snap

Here are all the cards with Movement buffs for the best Move Deck:

  • Vulture
    • 3x Energy & 3x Power
  • Kraven
    • 2x Energy & 2x Power
  • Multiple Man
    • 2x Energy & 3x Power
  • Hulk Buster
    • 3x Energy & 4x Power
  • Iron Fist
    • 1x Energy & 2x Power
  • America Chavez
    • 6x Energy & 9x Power
  • Doctor Strange
    • 3x Energy & 3x Power
  • Cloak
    • 2x Energy & 4x Power
  • NightCrawler
    • 1x Energy & 2x Power
  • Heimdall
    • 6x Energy & 8x Power
  • Miles Morales
    • 4x Energy & 5x Power
  • Human Torch
    • 1x Energy & 2x Power

Why Should you Choose this Deck?

Vulture brings a lot of value to the Movement Deck in Marvel Snap. Vulture gets +5 Power every time it moves in the game which can constantly increase its strength. Kraven is the next big thing in this Deck because of its increasing Power each time a card moves next to it.


Further, Multiple Man is the card that defies the Marvel Snap Movement Deck. When a Multiple Man card is moved, it leaves a copy at the previous location which ultimately increases the Power. You can use Hulk Buster to merge and upgrade Multiple Man increasing its Power. Before both of them, you can use an Iron Fist card so that when a Multiple Man card is thrown after it, it gets moved to create a copy & increasing the Power.

America Chavez is the most flexible card in Marvel Snap and hence I have added it to our Move Deck. Though it doesn’t have any Movement ability, but her higher raw power can guarantee victory at any given location.


Next on the list is none other than the Master of Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange. This card can move the card with the highest power to its location. It is beneficial for Vulture, Kraven, and Multiple Man as they get heavy advantages each time a card moves in the game. The dark half of Dagger, Cloak allows both players to move a card on their respective next turns. This sounds a bit gamble here but for most of the time, it’s only going to benefit you. Also, it is worth taking the risk as not every opponent will carry a Movement Card with them.

The cheapest yet dynamic card, a Night Crawler can be relocated once to any necessary location in the game. The Guardian of Bifrost, Heimdall moves all the other cards to the left which ultimately benefits you.


You might want to play Miles Morales right after a card has moved. This is because Miles Morales Card’s Energy Cost is reduced and made 1 after a card is moved. This makes it the most efficient card of the Move Deck in Marvel Snap. Lastly, we have the Hottest member of the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch. You can gain a lot of raw Power as Human Torch’s Power gets doubled each time it is moved.

That’s everything covered on the best Marvel Snap Move Deck. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Marvel Snap guides on Gamer Tweak.