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Marvel Snap Best Destroy Deck (2023)

Here's the best Marvel Snap Destroy Deck that you can build.

As the name suggests, you get to enjoy your favorite Marvel Characters in a strategic way. In this trading card game, you can build your favorite decks to take on opponents in 3 different locations. As there are real-time opponents that you are going to face in this game, it is necessary for you to build a strong and efficient deck. Since different cards have different abilities to offer you, some of them excel in causing massive destruction. Such cards make an overpowered Destroy Deck in Marvel Snap. Check out this guide to know one of the most efficient Destroy Decks of all time.


Best Destroy Deck in Marvel Snap – Early Dominance!

Marvel Snap Best Destroy Deck

Here are all the cards that make one of the best Destroy Decks in this game.

  • Bucky Barnes
    • 2x Energy & 1x Power
  • Carnage
    • 2x Energy & 2x Power
  • Angel
    • 1x Energy & 2x Power
  • Nova
    • 1x Energy & 2x Power
  • Deathlok
    • 3x Energy & 5x Power
  • Killmonger
    • 3x Energy & 3x Power
  • America Chavez
    • 6x Energy & 9x Power
  • Angela
    • 2x Energy & 1x Power
  • Storm
    • 3x Energy & 2x Power
  • Jessica Jones
    • 4x Energy & 4x Power
  • White Queen
    • 4x Energy & 6x Power
  • Spider-Woman
    • 5x Energy & 7x Power

What Makes this Deck Destructible?

Firstly, you will look to play Bucky Barnes from this Destroy Deck in Marvel Snap. Further, if you play a Carnage on top of it, then it will Destroy Bucky and get you a 6x Power Winter Soldier and a +2 Power Carnage. Moreover, if you have an Angel card in the deck, it will automatically fly over to the location. Hence, you will be getting a lot of raw power through these 3 early pulls.


Another best combo to try from the above Marvel Snap Destroy Deck is Nova (When this is destroyed, give your cards +1 Power) & Deathlok. You can play this combo in the middle of the match. You can throw a Nova and on top of that, you can destroy it with Deathlok or Killmonger. This will not only strengthen other cards but also deals massive power on the location it has been thrown over.

Now moving on to America Chavez, with a colossal 9x Power in hand, you can use this card on turn 6. It will strengthen your dominance in the location. The next best card in Marvel Snap Destroy Deck features Angela. This is the first card you should play on a location as every other card you put after Angela will increase her Power by +2.


You may be surprised to see Storm on the list but she can prove to be useful when used properly. This card can make the opponent lose a turn and as you know, each turn matters! On a location where only 1 or no card is played, you can play Jessica Jones. If no card is played on the next turn, you will gain +4 Power.

White Queen is one of the show-stealing cards in Destroy Deck of Marvel Snap. She not only gets you 6x Power but also draws a copy of the highest card from the opponent’s deck. Last but not least, Spider-Woman fills up the spot due to her power-draining abilities. Spider-Woman lessens all the enemy card’s power by 1 point.


Check out this video from Cozy Snap to get a visual reference for this Destroy Deck.

That’s everything covered on the Best Marvel Snap Destroy Deck. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other guide on Best Marvel Snap Cards.