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Marvel Snap Tier List – Best Cards

Here's a Tier List of Cards from all 3 Pools in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap is a Trading Card Collectible game containing characters from all over the Marvel Universe. In this game, you can build and upgrade your deck of special Superheros Cards, each with some unique effects. There are more than hundreds of Cards for you to collect in this game. Although, how will you know which card is the best of all? If you are wondering the same thing, then this article is all you need. Check out this guide that features a Cards Tier List for all the 3 Pools in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Cards Tier List

Marvel Snap Cards Tier List

Here’s a Tier List of all Pool Cards in Marvel Snap.

Pool 1 Cards Tier List in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap Cards Tier List

Cards Tier
Ant-Man S
Angela S
Kazar S
Blue Marvel S
Iron Man S
Elektra A
Korg A
NightCrawler A
Rocket Racoon A
Scarlet Witch A
Sentinel A
Bishop A
Iron Heart A
Mister Fantastic A
Wolfsbane A
Enchantress A
Jessica Jones A
Devil Dinosaur A
Blade B
Hawkeye B
Iron Fist B
Nova B
Squirrel Girl B
Armor B
Cable B
Carnage B
Colossus B
Lizard B
Medusa B
Star Lord B
Cosmo B
Sword Master B
Moongirl B
Namor B
Strong Guy B
White Queen B
Gamora B
Klaw B
Angel C
Mantis C
Yondu C
Forge C
Kraven C
Mister Sinister C
Multiple Man C
Wolverine C
Captain America C
Deathlok C
Doctor Strange C
Groot C
Hulk Buster C
lady Sif C
Punisher C
Abomination C
Misty Knight D
Quicksilver D
Domino D
Shocker D
Cyclops D
Morph D
Thing D

Pool 2 Cards Tier List in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap Cards Tier List

Cards Tier
Iceman S
Sunspot S
Scorpion S
Killmonger S
Storm S
The Infinaut S
Bucky Barnes A
Jubilee A
Shang Chi A
Agent 13 B
Cloak B
Morbius B
Okoye B
Swarm B
The Collector B
Vulture B
Warpath B
Hobgoblin B
Ebony Maw C
Nakia C
Sandman C
Vision C
Rhino D
Sabretooth D
Leech D

Pool 3 Cards Tier List in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap Cards Tier List

Cards Tier
Human Torch S
Sera S
Patriot S
Dracula S
Death S
Destroyer S
Wong S
Mystique S
Mister Negative S
Wave S
Hela A
Lockjaw A
Cerebro A
Doctor Doom A
Daredevil A
Quinjet A
Venom A
Magneto A
The Hood A
Mysterio A
Mojo A
Ultron A
Deadpool A
Arnim Zola A
Spiderman A
Colleen Wing A
Thor A
Magik A
Psylocke A
Leader A
Omega Red A
Electro A
Aero A
Zero A
Green Goblin B
Beast B
Juggernaut B
Moon Knight B
Kingpin B
Rogue B
Polaris B
Debrii B
Giganto B
Taskmaster B
Captain Marvel B
Gambit B
Ghost Rider B
Maximus B
Hell Cow C
Red Skull C
Wasp C
Ronan C
Viper C
Goose C
Invisible Woman C
Brood C
Hazmat C
Spiderman (Miles Morales) C
Rescue C
Crystal D
Quake D
Doctor Octopus D
Falcon D
Agatha Harkness D
Crossbones D
Thor (Jane Foster) D
Nick Jury D
Adam Warlock D
Baron Mordo D
Black Cat D
Rock Slide D
Black Bolt D
Typhoid Marry D

Thanks to Cozy Snap (YouTube) for sharing this Tier List of Cards in Marvel Snap with us.

That’s everything covered on the Marvel Snap Cards Tier List. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Marvel Snap guide on best Effect Cards.