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New World Best Mods And Addons List (2023)

Here are some of the best New World Mods and Addons that enhance the graphics and textures of the game.

After two cancellations of games (Breakaway and Crucible), Amazon Game Studios has finally hit it big with New World. The number of players that are enjoying the game (and the number of players waiting in queue to play) are proof of the fact that this game is a super hit. In this game based on a fictional location called Aeternum Island, there’s a lot players can do including joining factions, crafting, completing quests, combat or exploration. But are there any New World mods and addons you can use to change visuals or UI in this MMORPG? Let’s take a look at the answer to this query here.

Best New World Mods and Addons List

A few New World Mods and addons have already cropped up online. All of them are visual and graphic improvement-related. These presets will give you enhanced textures, better anti-aliasing and also color correction, so if you were looking for these changes, scroll through our list of the best New World mods. On the pages of these addons, you will also find comparison images with the mod turned off and on.

Adams New World Enhanced

Adams New World Enhanced Realistic Colour Correction No Performance LosS Optimised
image credit: Adam Maidment

If you want New World to look more realistic, this mod will tone down the fantasy aspect of it and give you realism. And if you don’t like the blur effect in the game, this mod will add sharper textures too. As mentioned in the description, you will get no FPS loss and performance issue when you use this addon. Players can expect better sky lighting, darker nights, realistic wood, foliage, skin, shadows and more.

Here’s how to download and install this New World mod:

  • Download the mod from Nexusmods.
  • Drag and drop the following files into this particular folder: Steam/Steamapps/Common/New World/Bin64
    • reshade-shaders (folder)
    • dxgi.dll
    • ReShade.ini
    • Adam’s_NWE_v1.0.ini

To turn off this mod, press the Insert key on your keyboard.

A Beautifully Enhanced New World

A Beautifully Enhanced New World
image credit: Diablik

This is a graphical mod that gives you better ambient lighting, vibrance, sharper images, and improved textures. The installation process for this addon is also super easy. Simply paste all extracted files into the NewWorld/bin64 folder and launch the game to see it in effect. Remember to edit and modify the in-game visual settings if required.

These are the best mods that are available right now. I am sure more are going to be created and added soon, and when that happens, I will update this guide. While you are here, learn more about the Overwolf New World minimap addon mod.