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Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List: Best Magic Ranked

Know about the Best Magic available to acquire in Deadly Sins Retribution.

Deadly Sins Retribution is a Roblox game based on the famous anime by the name Seven Deadly Sins. This game is all about different Races and the Magical ability they possess to fend off their enemies. Moreover, it is possible to use Magic Spins for obtaining certain types of Magical powers. There are multiple Magical powers in this game that can get you all confused because of their functionality. Check out this guide that features the Magic Tier list in Deadly Sins Retribution best Magic from bottom to top.

Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List – Best Magic

Best Magic ranked in Deadly Sins Retribution

Here’s the list of best Magic in Deadly Sins Retribution ranked from bottom to top:

Tier Magic
SS Sunshine
S Darkness, Lightning
A Wind
B Blaze
C Frostbite
D Earth


This magic is the most common one as there’s a 60% chance that you’ll acquire it from a Magic Spin. It is to be noted that the first two moves brought into the arsenal by the Earth Magic ability are very useful against the Melee characters such as the Demons. Because when they are used, it causes the enemy to knockback creating some separation and at the same time damaging the opponent to a certain extent. Further, the third move known as the “Gea Force” provides protection against any kind of damage caused by Magic or Physical strikes. For the final move of the Earth Magic, a “Fall and Crush” move is released on the opponent that damages the enemy brutally.


There’s a 13% probability that you may obtain the Frostbite Magic powers by rolling a Magic Spin. Acquiring this ability can prove both fatal and helpful for you. Also, it should be kept in mind that if all the moves brought to the playbook through the Frostbite Magic are not used properly, then it can be a disadvantage for you. Additionally, most of the moves in Frostbite Magic cost a lot of Mana and are difficult to execute. Moves like Ice Shards, Ice Torment, Cryogenization, and Blizzard are very predictable because there’s an animation before execution. But if you are able to execute these moves properly, then they have the potential to deal a decent amount of damage to the opponent.


With a probability rate of 9.99%, the Blaze Magic stills on the list in a respectable position. This magic is basically a support move as it gives the player immunity against the Sunshine magic. Also, it makes it possible to take 0 incoming damage from the harmful heat attacks from the magic. This makes the Blaze Magic one of the best among all the Magics in Deadly Sins Retribution.


Thereafter, making it to the 3rd position in the list, the Wind Magic has a 3% chance of appearing from a Magic Spin. Moreover, this Magic power is very useful as all the moves it brings to the arsenal have no downside. The “Mortal Tornado” move has the potential to weaken the defense of the enemy by damaging them. Another move provided by the Wind Magic is the “Rising Tornado”. This move has a very short cooldown period as compared to any other move wherein it causes DPS to the enemy. However, this move is Mana costly.


Standing in 2nd position, the Lightning is one of the best among all the Magics in Deadly Sins Retribution with an acquiring probability of 2%. It uses less Mana and causes maximum damage to the enemy. The “Zeus’s Wrath” move is capable of destroying multiple enemies at once. This move summons energy clouds that target the enemies and NPCs near the caster and damages them heavily. Its other moves like “Shock Blast” and “Zeus’s Blessing” can damage the opponent heavily by boosting your abilities. Moreover, this magic is useful for both, Magic and Melee users in the game.


Sharing the 2nd spot with Lightning, the Darkness magic also has a 2% probability of acquiring through a Magic Spin. Apart from the damage moves, this Magic focuses on healing the caster. The “Rotting Fog”, “Lost Souls”, and the “Dark Absorption” move heal its users effectively.

Sunshine – Best in the Deadly Sins Retribution’s Magic Tier List

This Magic may not have the best executable moves, but it surely deserves the 1st spot among all the Magics in Deadly Sins Retribution. All the moves offered by this Magic such as the “Cruel Sun”, “Unmeasurable Heat”, and the “Pride Flare” are capable of decimating the opponents in close range. However, the major drawback of this Magic is that it requires distance to be avoided. Moreover, a person who’s having the Blaze Magic abilities is immune to most of the Sunshine Magic moves. Also, there’s only a 0.01% chance that you’ll get this Magic from a Magic Spin.


  • There’s a 10% chance that you may acquire the Christmas Magic through rolling a Spin. However, this Magic has not been officially added, but according to developers, it will be added after a major update. We will rank the Christmas Magic accordingly after its update.

This was the Magic Tier list covered and ranked in Deadly Sins Retribution. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Roblox guides.