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Deadly Sins Retribution: Race tier List Ranked (Best Races)

Know the Best Races that are playable in Deadly Sins Retribution.

Deadly Sins Retribution is a Roblox game based on the famous anime Seven Deadly Sins. This game revolves around Magic, Mastering Sins, and Fighting Enemies. Moreover, it is possible to use Race Spins to roll or re-roll races in this game. These races are playable and have their own abilities. Check out this guide that features a list of the best races ranked in Deadly Sins Retribution.

Best Races Ranked in Deadly Sins Retribution

Best Races in Deadly Sins Retribution

Here’s the ranked tier list of the best races available to play in this game from top to bottom:

Tier Race Rarity Unlock %
SS Royal Demon Legendary 0.10%
SS Royal Fairy Legendary 0.10%
SS Royal Vampire Legendary 0.10%
SS Deity Legendary 0.10%
SS Curse Legendary 0.10%
S Goddess Epic 3%
A Demon Epic 1%
B Vampire Rare 15%
C Fairy Uncommon 23%
D Human Common 58%

The above-mentioned Races are Ranked according to their Skills and Rarity in Deadly Sins Retribution. As you can see in the list, Humans are the most common races to unlock in Deadly Sins Retribution. Which is then followed by Fairy, Vampire, Demon, Goddess, Curse, Deity, Royal Vampire, Royal Fairy, and Royal Demon.

Here are the Skills that you will unlock for each of the Races while leveling up Clan Levels in Deadly Sins Retribution.

  • Human 
    • Mana Blessing (Clan Level 6) – Recieve a Boost in Magical Defense and ATK for a specific period while regenerating Mana.
  • Fairy
    • Tier 1 Fairy Wings (Clan Level 6) – Get Fairy Wings that boosts Magical Damage by +20% of your Total Magic.
    • Tier 2 Fairy Wings (Clan Level 25) – Get an upgraded Fairy Wings that boosts Magical Damage by 70% of your Total Magic.
  • Vampire
    • High-Speed Regen (Clan Level 4) – Quick Health regeneration for a shorter period.
    • Bloodlust (Clan Level 35) – Regenerate or heal 1/5th of damage dealt for a short period.
    • Bat Dome (Clan Level 60) – Recieve a temporary assist from Bats during battle.
  • Demon
    • Tier 1 Demon Mark (Clan Level 20) – Summons Dark Powers that boost Magical & Physical Damage along with Physical Armor.
    • Tier 1 Demon Wings (Clan Level 28) – Summons Dark Powers that allow flying.
  • Goddess
    • Tier 1 Angel Wings (Clan Level 18) – Magical Damage gets boosted by 100% along with which, you receive a pair of Wings to fly.
    • Tier 2 Angel Wings (Clan Level 50) – Unlock a bigger pair of Wings to fly along with a boosted Magical Damage by 100%.
    • Ark T1 (Clan Level 80) – Emits a shiny Holy surge of energy that decimates the darkness nearby.
  • Curse
    • Reverse Cursed Technique (Clan Level 1) – Get healed over time.
    • Cresent Cut (Clan Level 40) – Launches 3 claw-like projectiles in front.
    • Cresent Cleaver (Clan Level 100) – Slash multiple strikes around the player for a short period.
  • Deity
    • Self Healing (Clan Level 65) – Regenerates health with the help of Divine Powers.
    • Goddess Eyes T1 (Clan Level 1) – Awakens godly eyes that boost your Magical Damage.
    • Holy Punishment (Clan Level 150) – Enemies close to you will suffer the wrath of energy strikes from heaven.
    • Deity Wings (Clan Level 500) – Your in-game character enters its true form along with 2 Pairs of Wings and a +350% Magical Boost.
  • Royal Vampire
    • Black Sun (Clan Level 1) – Generates a sphere with your accumulated power. Further, anyone that comes inside the sphere loses health which adds up to your HP.
  • Royal Fairy
    • Revitalizing Domain (Clan Level 1) – Creates a healing sphere that regains health for other members of the party only.
    • Mana Blast (Clan Level 135) – Huge energy blast in front of you.
    • Royal Fairy Wings (Clan Level 375) – Be able to fly with glowy Wings and receive a Magical Boost by +350%.
  • Royal Demon
    • Royal Demon Mark T1 (Clan Level 20) – Summon Dark Powers and receive Magical & Physical Damage along with Physical Armor.
    • Royal Demon Mark T2 (Clan Level 85) – Summon Dark Powers and receive Magical & Physical Damage along with Physical Armor.
    • Royal Demon Wings T1 (Clan Level 28) – Call Darkness and receive might and ability to fly.
    • Royal Demon Mark T3 (Clan Level 500) – Receive Dark Powers along with a special Assault Mode.

Now that you know about Skills of each and every Race in Deadly Sins Retribution, its time you showcase your skills.

This was the tier list of the best Races ranked in Deadly Sins Retribution. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Roblox guides.