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Deadly Sins Retribution: Race tier List Ranked (Best Races)

Know the Best Races that are playable in Deadly Sins Retribution.

Deadly Sins Retribution is a Roblox game based on the famous anime Seven Deadly Sins. This game revolves around Magic, Mastering Sins, and Fighting Enemies. Moreover, it is possible to use Race Spins to roll or re-roll races in this game. These races are playable and have their own abilities. Check out this guide that features a list of the best races ranked in Deadly Sins Retribution.

Best Races Ranked in Deadly Sins Retribution

Best Races in Deadly Sins Retribution

Here’s the ranked tier list of the best races available to play in this game from bottom to top:

Tier Race
S Demon
A Goddess
B Vampire
C Fairy
D Human


Humans are the most common race in Deadly Sins Retribution. They are not that good in combat but their Mana Regeneration ability compensates for everything. Upon reaching Clan level 6, you get Mana Blessing that boosts a Human’s Magical defense power and attack while regenerating Mana. Moreover, there’s a 58% chance of getting a Human in this game from a Race Spin.


Further, a Fairy is considered to be the second most common race with an unlocking probability of 23%. They do not perform anything much in a battle. However, their Wings give magic boosts that are very useful in Deadly Sins Retribution. Upon reaching Clan level 6, you’ll gain a pair of tier 1 Magical Wings that boosts your Magical damage by 20% of total magic. Thereafter, after reaching Clan level 25, a tier 2 pair of Magical Wings gets unlocked that boosts your Magical damage by 70% of total magic.


The third among best races in Deadly Sin Retribution are the Vampires. There’s a 15% chance that you’ll get a Vampire race from the Spin. While being in combat, the Vampire race helps the most because of their commendable healing abilities. At Clan level 4, you get a High-Speed regen ability that regenerates your health for a short amount of time. Thereafter, on Clan level 35, you acquire the Bloodlust ability that heals 1/5th of the total damage dealt. Later, upon reaching Clan level 60, a Bat Dome ability gets unlocked that helps you a lot during combat.


A Goddess uses magic as her primary source in combat, there’s a 3% chance of unlocking her from a Race Spin. Also, a Goddess is considered to be the second best among all the races in Deadly Sins Retribution. Moving forward to her abilities, upon reaching Clan level 18, you’ll unlock a tier one Angel Wings that can be used to fly and boost Magical damage by 50%. Further on Clan level 50, you’ll acquire tier two Angel Wings comparatively bigger in size that can be used for flying and to boost Magical damage by 100%. Later on Clan level 80, a tier one ability known as Ark gets unlocked wherein you can shoot a fireball damaging the opponent.

Demons – Best Race in Deadly Sins Retribution

Among all the races in Deadly Sins Retribution, Demons are the rarest with only a 1% chance of unlocking. Demons excel in melee combats but have a drawback against Magical races like the Goddess. In addition, it is recommended to have more magic than melee while using a Demon. For instance, a Demon should have 200 melee power and 600 magic power in order to compete and put up a tough fight. This is because the 200 melee power is capable to cause disastrous damage to the opponent. Whereas, a 600 magic power is sufficient to sustain the magic races. On Clan level 20, you acquire a tier 1 Demon Mark that gives you +15 melee damage. After gaining 35 points in this mode stat, you’ll unlock tier 2 of the Demon Mark that will boost +30 melee damage. Later, on Clan level 85, you unlock Demon Wings that +90 Magical damage and health. However, you should have completed the Possessed Human (Goddess) quest to unlock this ability. After gaining 35 points in this mode stat, you unlock tier two Demon Wings that boost the magical as well as melee damage and increases the sustainability of the armor.

This was the tier list of the best Races ranked in Deadly Sins Retribution. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Roblox guides.