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Best Madden NFL 24 Settings To Use (2023)

Looking for the best Madden NFL 24 settings to try out? Here's what we found that works the best in the game.

Madden NFL 24 is back for another season and these are the best settings that you should use. While the Offline settings are quite different, even while playing Superstar Mode or others, there are a few changes that you will need to bring to your settings. While this guide does not explain any camera settings or graphic settings, it will help you elevate your gameplay that you might be able to carry on to the online mode of NFL.

Best Settings to Use in Madden NFL 24

Best Settings to Use in Madden NFL 24

Since many settings are not available during the online mode, players should know that most of the options in the Settings tab might be useless. Keeping that in mind, we have separated and provided a few general tweaks that players should have for the Campaign and Online mode. Here are the best gameplay settings that you should use in Madden NFL 24:

  • Playbooks – Team Specific
  • Passing Type – Placement & Accuracy
  • Passing Slowdown – Off
  • Free-Form Reticle Max Distance – Far
  • Free-Form Reticle Speed – 10/20
  • Reticle Visibility – Visible
  • Meter Visibility – User Only
  • Auto Flip Defensive Play Call – On
  • Defensive Ball Hawk – On
  • Defensive Heat Seeker Assist – On
  • Defensive Switch Assist – Off
  • Controlled Player Art – Off
  • Coach Mode – Off
  • Cross-Play – Enabled
  • Penalties – Default (Not applicable online)
  • Player Skill – Default (Not applicable online)
  • CPU Skill – Default (Not applicable online)
  • Defensive Pass Coverage Visual Assist – Off
  • Receiver Visual Assist – On
  • Coaching Tips – Off

Should You Use Image Quality or Performance Mode in Madden 24?

Now that the normal settings should be clearer, one of the most asked questions when it comes to the best Madden NFL 24 graphics settings is whether they should choose Image Quality or Performance Mode. Without a doubt, Performance Mode is the best option that you can use since you can get the best FPS while playing. Image Quality surely improves the graphics, however, it fails the deliver the same experience as Performance mode unless you have a high quality monitor yourself.

That’s all we have on the best Madden 24 NFL settings. If you found this guide helpful, do check out other Madden 24 guides right here at Gamer Tweak.