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Elden Ring: Best Looking Armor Sets

Wondering which is the best-looking armor in Elden Ring. This list has them and their stats to help you decide.

Many players are searching for the best looking armor in Elden Ring. You might ask why would anyone need that, the best conclusion I can come to is they like getting dressed to kill. Not sorry for the bad joke. But if your armor looks good then you can make your enemies sorry for existing or at least for their bad dressing sense. So let us check this list of some of the best looking armor sets in Elden Ring.

Best Looking Armor Sets in Elden Ring


elden ring best looking armor

Here are my picks of the three best Armor sets in the game. Before checking them, these are just my picks for the best looking armor. You might disagree with them and that is fine. The below sets I have selected are primarily based on their looks. But I have also considered their practicality so that you can also use them for your actual playthrough. Now let us check them.

  • Lusat’s Set
  • General Radahn Set
  • Black Knife Set


Lusat’s Set – Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Set

lusat's set

Lusat’s set is the most interesting-looking Armor Set in the game. It has a giant blue crystal ball wrapped in a cloth for its head that looks like an eye. That is the biggest highlight of this set. One might say that is the only thing going for that set. But that isn’t exactly true. The robe too is pretty fashionable with the blues and goldens going for it. These are its stats.


  • Combined Weight: 14.3 weight
  • Phyiscal damage negation: 15.8
  • Strike damage negation: 10
  • Slash damage negation: 15.8
  • Pierce damage negation: 10
  • Magic damage negation: 32.4
  • Fire damage negation: 27
  • Lightning damage negation: 28.4
  • Holy damage negation: 28.8

Lusat’s Set is best recommended for Astrologer and Prophet classes.

General Radahn Set


general radahn set

The next best set in the game that you can get is General Radahn Set. You can buy this set from Enia after beating Starscourge Radahn. This set is huge and makes your character appear beastly. As a Sekiro fan, I feel the Redmane Helm makes your character look somewhat like the Demon of Hatred. I know this is a very loose resemblance but that is just my opinion on it. These are its stats.

  • Combined Weight: 41.6 weight
  • Phyiscal damage negation: 41
  • Strike damage negation: 32.7
  • Slash damage negation: 40.2
  • Pierce damage negation: 38.3
  • Magic damage negation: 29.3
  • Fire damage negation: 30.7
  • Lightning damage negation: 27.8
  • Holy damage negation: 29.3

General Radahn’s Set is best recommended for Vagabond and Hero classes.

Black Knife Set

black knife set

If you love stealth and looking like an Assassin this set is for you. The Black Knife set is a heavy armor used by assassins. A unique thing about this armor is it gives you Silent movement making it sneaking up on enemies easier, thus more backstabs for your enemies. So not only do you get a simple but cool-looking armor, but you also get something that has multiple uses. These are its stats.

  • Combined Weight: 21.8 weight
  • Phyiscal damage negation: 24.5
  • Strike damage negation: 23.4
  • Slash damage negation: 26.8
  • Pierce damage negation: 26.8
  • Magic damage negation: 18.7
  • Fire damage negation: 20.3
  • Lightning damage negation: 14.2
  • Holy damage negation: 24.5

The Black Knife Armor set is best suited for Warrior, Prisoner, and Vagabond classes.

Other good looking Armors in the game

  • Alberich’s Set
  • All-Knowing Set
  • Azur’s Glintstone Set
  • Blaidd’s Set
  • Cleanrot Set
  • Malenia’s Set
  • Raging Wolf Set
  • Snow Witch Set

That covers this list of the best looking Armor sets in Elden Ring. If these armors didn’t work for you then check out our guides on how to get the Black wolf set, Bull-goat set, and Royal Remains set in this game. And if you need other help on things like locations, weapons, builds or boss fights then don’t forget to check out our Elden Ring guides.