Minecraft 1.18 Best Jungle Seeds

Here are some amazing Jungle Seeds that you can play in and build bases for Minecraft 1.18.

When you start a new game in Minecraft, you do so by creating a Minecraft World. Each Minecraft World has a specific number called a Seed. If you take this Seed and put it in a Minecraft Server of the same version, it will create a New World with the contents of that Seed. From all of the Biomes present in Minecraft, the Jungle Biome is one of the best if not the best-looking one. So in this guide, I will show you the Best Jungle Biome Seeds you can use in Minecraft 1.18.

Best Jungle Biome Seeds in Minecraft 1.18

These are our top picks for 5 best Minecraft 1.18 Jungle Biome Seeds:

  • Underground Paradise: -8127462469923514392
  • Pirate Cove: 3534896929963356961
  • Infinite Biome: -4753565193304934841
  • River Junction: 1705972705
  • Amazing Jungle: 275692151

The Underground Paradise Seed

underground paradise jungle seed minecraft

  • Seed: -8127462469923514392
  • Co-ordinates: 340, 80

In this Minecraft Seed, the World Spawn is surrounded by lush and dense Jungle Biomes. There are a lot of coll and beautiful areas in this Seed. As you spawn into the Minecraft World, you will find a River. On the other side of the River, you will find a Forest Biome. Once cross it, you will find another River with a magnificent shoreline. This area is riddled with multiple Cave Systems like a Giant Chasm and my favorite place, an Underground Paradise.

Near the River, There will be a patch of Bamboo growing and in that patch will be a hole. Going inside of it you will find a Lush Cave Biome that has beautifully integrated itself with an Underground Lake. This opens up to many build ideas like a bunker version of a Penthouse with an overflowing Pool. If you light up the Cave System, you can make this place a Home.

The Pirate Cove Seed

pirate cove jungle seed minecraft

  • Seed: 3534896929963356961
  • Co-ordinates: -134, 624

Up nest on the list of Minecraft Jungle Biome Seeds is this one, the Pirate Cove. Again you will spawn right in the middle of a Jungle Biome with massive Rivers. There is also a Ruined Portal and 2 Jungle Temples nearby. But the best part about this Minecraft Jungle Seed is the Cove generation. If you go to the Coordinates given, you will find yourself near a Cliffside of a Cove. This is perfect for Pirate-themed builds and hence why I call it a Pirate Cove. You can either build along the Cliffside or dig into it to make some wonderful builds.

The Infinite Jungle Biome Seed

infinite jungle biome

  • Seed: -4753565193304934841

As the name implies, this Minecraft Jungle Seed has an expansive Jungle Biome that the eye can see. Look in any direction and you will find Jungle Trees and Bamboo. If you follow the River Systems here, you will be greeted with magnificent Mountain and Cliff generations as well as interesting Caves and Ponds. This Minecraft Jungle Seed is littered with Mountain Tops and Ridges that are covered in the Lush Foliage of the Jungle Biome. Making a Treehouse like the ones in George of the Jungle or Tarzan will be perfect. The only thing you won’t be able to do is Swing on the Treetops, or can you? Minecraft Mods are the best things, don’t you agree?

The River Junction Seed

river junction seed

  • Seed: 1705972705

In the above Seeds, we have more or less spoken about the Jungles in their Minecraft World. This Seed is a bit different than them. As you spawn into the World, you will find a River System. The uniqueness of this River System is that it makes a Junction and Splits the land into 4 Sections. This is perfect if you want to get some friends here and each of them can have a Section created by the River.

The Amazing Jungle Seed

amazing jungle seed

  • Seed: 275692151

This Seed is for our Bedrock users. The name doesn’t sell this Minecraft Jungle Seed, I know. But what it does have is amazing structures that will help set you up in the early game. There is a Ruined Portal right next to spawn and a Lush Caves Biome right at spawn. Once you build up that Portal, it will teleport you to a Warped Forest Biome which has a Nether Fortress. This is a few blocks away and is in LOS.

Coming back to the Overworld, there is a Gigantic Valley that goes to a pretty Deep Y-Level. The X & Z Co-ordinates are -180 & -185. This Valley is also surrounded by a mountain range which makes it a perfect place to make an Isolated Base. In this Minecraft Seed, there is a Village that is nearly in between multiple Biomes. It is a perfect Hub or base of Operations as it is on flat land. The Coordinates are -446 & 1130, a bit far from spawn but are worth it.

These were the best Minecraft Jungle Seeds to make a home. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Best Village Seeds & Best Speedrunning Seeds in Minecraft.