Best Hermione Granger Deck In Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Use this best Hermione Granger Companion cards deck to become an ace duelist of Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Hermione Granger is one of the strongest Legendary Companion Charms of Harry Potter Magic Awakened. The card is in high demand because Hermione can replicate your moves and comes with decent Health of 413. Taking her down is difficult for an opponent, and when you keep her with the cards we have recommended, you will be able to defeat the enemy within a minute. One can easily create a deck suitable for her, but the best Hermione Granger deck of HP Magic Awakened has to be made with care.

Best Hermione Granger Deck in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Hermione Granger Deck HP Magic Awakened

Like most cards, Hermione Granger’s Charm too has several recommended deck formations. Using all the game-mentioned decks can be difficult though. You have a limited amount of Charms slots, so you have to constrain till you have unlocked fifteen slots. But no need to stress, as cards from this list will make the best Hermione Granger deck of Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Spells and Summons Charms to Use With Hermione Granger

  • Crucio: Dark or Avada Kedavra: Dark
  • Oppugno: Common or Phoenix: Legendary
  • Incendio: Epic or Acromantula Venom: Common
  • Thunderstorm: Legendary or Thunderbird: Epic
  • Expulso: Rare or The Monster Book of Monsters: Rare
  • Inflatus: Rare (During Duo duels)
  • Orb of Water: Legendary or Bewitched Snowballs: Rare
  • Three-Headed Puppy: Epic or Blast-Ended Skrewt: Rare

Select the cards from the alternative to form a deck that is suitable for your Proficiency level. Making a deck that costs an average of 6 energy is not recommended for beginners, so try their replacements.

Companion Cards to Use With Hermione in Magic Awakened

  • Hermione Granger: Legendary
  • Frey Twins: Epic
  • Rubeus Hagrid: Epic

These are all the cards and their alternative to form the best Hermione Granger deck in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. If you haven’t unlocked many cards, then use these best early Spells and combinations of HPMA. Also, learn what are the best Legendary Charms of the game.