Best Legendary Cards In Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Use these Legendary Magic and Companion Charms in Harry Potter Magic Awakened to create an invincible deck of cards.

Legendary Cards have the lowest pull rate in Magic Studies of Harry Potter Magic Awakened. Collecting them can be difficult, but once you have got your hands on them, you’ll be able to make an invincible deck. There are several combinations you can try with these Cards. So you don’t need to obtain all Legendary Charms, just get our listed best Magic and Companion Legendary cards in HP Magic Awakened.

Best Magic and Companion Legendary Cards of HP Magic Awakened

Best Legendary Cards In HP Magic Awakened

At the time of writing, there are eight Magic and two Companions Legendary Charms in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. Though all of the Legendary cards are very OP, we have to constrain ourselves from using all at the earlier stage as all of the Magic Legendary Charms take five to seven energy. Thus we have made a list of the top and best Legendary Cards of HP Magic Awakened.

Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger is a Legendary Companion card that summons Hermione. She will cast the same spell as you within her level, and the cooldown for this effect is 10 seconds. If you have Avada Kedavra or Crucio, then you should first use low-cost cards, and later when Hermione is available to the field, use Dark cards. You can do this with any high-damage cards, and Hermione will repeat it, doubling the effect of your move.

Orb of Water

All the enemies in its range will get trapped inside a damaging water orb. Plus, at the end of the spell, it will explode and deal massive damage to the opponents. This is suitable for monsters that don’t move much or are slow. And as you increase the level of the card the effect will get enhanced and deal more damage in less time.


You can summon a Thunderbird with this Legendary HP Magic Awakened card. The Thunderbird will cast 15 lighting bolts on random enemies. Also, when opponents get hit with this move, their heal rate will reduce. The best part of this Charm is that its range is an entire area, so there is no escape.

Baby Antipodean Opaleye

Baby Antipodean Opaleye summons baby Antipodean Opaleye that breathes fire on enemies. With a damage interval of 2.8, this is capable of AoE damage for an attack range of 55. Adding to this, its health is quite high, so it will stay for a decent amount of time.


Phoenix unlike most Legendary cards is not focused on damage but heal. It comes with 22.3 Heal Per Second with an interval of just three. Its health is quite impressive too, so enemies will have a hard time taking it down. And in the meantime, you will receive a good amount of healing. Plus, as you increase the level, Heal Per Second will increase too.

Use these Legendary Magic and Companion Charms in Harry Potter Magic Awakened and become the invincible duelist. And if you don’t have your desired Charm, then use this charm exchange guide and Trade Cards.