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Dying Light 2 Best Gears & Class System Explained

Trying to find the best gear to equip in Dying Light 2 while trying to figure out what gear classes mean? Don't worry this guide has you covered.

Dying Light 2 has more than 500 gears for you to use, but not every gear is the best. And this game gets interesting as you can sometimes make more out of rare gear than unique gear. Gears are perhaps one of the most interesting mechanics that this game offers to the players. Keep reading this guide to find out the best gears in Dying Light 2 and how gear classes work.

Best Gears in Dying Light 2


dying light 2 best gears

To begin with, there is no single best gear in the game. But if we had to pick the best gears then it will be the Artifact gears, the ones represented in golden or yellow color. Things get interesting in this game because you can have a better gear build without having artifact gears. That is because a single artifact gear is of no use if you don’t have other artifact gears of the same class. We will get to how gear classes work in a bit. If we had to rank each rarity of the gears from best to worst it would look like this:

  • Yellow or Artifact gears
  • Purple or Unique gears
  • Blue or Rare gears
  • Green or Uncommon gears
  • White or Common gears


Your priority should be to use them with 5 other gears of the same class. Now let us check what classes are.

What are Gear classes?

Each gear you get in Dying Light 2 will have a class that favors a certain playstyle. Below are the classes and the boost they add to the gear.


  • Brawler: If you like using one-handed weapons then this class is for you. It gives you different kinds of bonuses like extra damage, less use of stamina, and more while using one-handed weapons if these gears are equipped.
  • Medic: This gear is for the players who prefer parkour as their playstyle. As the name suggests you get more efficiency while healing, but you also get benefits while using different parkour skills.
  • Ranger: You should focus on collecting the gear from this class if stealth is your thing. It gives you incentives in damage and stamina consumption when using ranged weapons.
  • Tank: As the name suggests, the gears in this class will help you take more damage and hits. You should go with this class especially if you wield two-handed weapons.

At the end of the day, the best gears will be the ones that help you make the most out of your playstyle. So try mixing and matching around the gears you have until you find something that works for you.

That covers this guide on the best gears in Dying Light 2 and how gear classes work. You should also check our other guides on the best weapons, how to change FOV and how to get the grappling hook in Dying Light 2.