Best Discord Servers For Gaming

Check out our guide to find out the best Discord servers for gaming.

Unable to find and join the Best Discord servers for Gaming? Don’t worry, as we are all in the same boat. Over the years, Discord has garnered a majority of players and content creators around the globe. While started as a social-virtual platform for dedicated gamers, finding a perfect gaming server on Discord can be a bit hassle ironically. With a plethora of server links, it can be confusing to either join an official or unofficial server. Not to worry, find out the best servers that you can join.

Best Gaming Discord Servers

Here are the best Discord servers that you can join:

Now, let’s delve into each of these Discord servers in more detail:

Genshin Impact

While having more than 1 million members, the official Discord server for Genshin Impact is always thriving with gamers. You can join the official Discord server to discuss everything about this online gacha and ARPG. Like every other Discord server for gaming, you will get updates on the latest patches, bugs, downtime, and more. Furthermore, you can expect several players to share and spam meme posts on the servers. So, there is no way you can get bored on this server.


best discord servers gaming

Being one of the best Battle royale games, seasonal or chapter updates can bring many changes into Fortnite. With the official Fortnite server, you can expect less confusion and more updates. Under different channels, you can find categories such as Save the World, Creative, News, and more. The best part about joining this Fortnite Discord server is that you can get all the leaks, rumors, and datamines too.

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If you are a dedicated Valorant player, you might have joined this Discord server already. This official server offers a plethora of options and is available to all players around the globe. Over here, you can find a large range of channels including Esports news, Strategic discussions, and Agents discussions. But since this Discord server is nearly full with 8,00,000 members, you can experience a bit of downtime while joining it.

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MrBeast Gaming

best discord servers gaming

Here’s another Discord server that you can have trouble joining. MrBeast Gaming server is one of the biggest Discord servers with 8,00,000 members. From announcements about new giveaways to updates about upcoming videos, this Discord has it all. But due to the increasing number of members, this Discord doesn’t feature a Chatbox or chatroom.


Ever since its release, Minecraft has been widely popular and has garnered a huge player base. In the same way, you can expect tons of players swarming and populating these servers. But since the moderators consistently remove inactive players, you will be able to join this official Discord Server soon enough. Once joined, you can share creations from your Minecraft world with like-minded players. You can also discuss the most recent changes, news, gameplay mechanics, and more under different channels.

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