Best Discord Meme Servers 2023

Here are some of the Best Discord Meme Servers that you can join.

Memes have been a part of modern culture for a very long time. Every day a new Meme will be born while another will die. In that journey, we all have laughed and enjoyed them. Discord allows us to be a part of the whole Meme Universe through their Servers. In this guide, I will show you the Best Discord Meme Server.

Best Discord Meme Servers

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Here are some of the best Discord Meme Servers you can join in.

Memeology – Best Discord Meme Server

Memeology is a partnered Discord Server. That means they are an official Discord Server that has been verified by Discord and is safe t join in. You will be able to enjoy Memes, talk to people, take part in Nitro Giveaways, and so on. You don’t have to worry about fraud cheating or even toxic behavior as the admins & Mods will deal with these malice-filled actions.


Supreme is a massive Discord Meme Server. With over 25K members, there will be someone you can enjoy Memes with. Supreme conducts Heists, Daily Giveaways, has a Trading Centre, and so much more. The main Meme Bots here are Mudae & Dank Memer so you know the Server is going to be amazing.

Premium Dankers

Premium Dankers is another Discord Meme Server with over 36K members. It has a Friendly Community as well as a ton of things you can do. They also conduct Heists and Daily Giveaways but also Daily Pepetrophies and Pepemedals. Mudae & Dank Memer are the main Bots but Premium Dankers has other Bots like Karuta, Poketwo, OWO, Virtual Fisher, Idle Miner, and more. It’s an active and growing server, worthwhile to check out.

Dial M for Memes

Ever felt sad and needed someone? Then just Dial M for Memes and enjoy a blast of fun and freshness from this Discord Meme Server. Just like its name, this Discord is built for social interaction. With numerous Text & Voice Channels, you will always be chatting with someone. They also have minigames like a Pokemon channel where you can catch and train your Pokemon. Get your Daily Dose of Memes right away.

Meme Asylum

Want to go crazy with Memes? Then the Meme Asylum Discord Server is for you. Every 40K members love Memes and take part in various activities. Share Memes, Shitpost, games, send Pet Photos, talk about Anime, etc. This Server has it all. Don’t miss out on the fun and Join this Discord Server now.

This was all about the Best Discord Meme Servers. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other articles like Best Fortnite Discord Servers.