Best Gadgets To Unlock & Upgrade First In Spider-Man 2

Check out this guide to know the best early-game gadgets to unlock and upgrade in Spider-Man 2.

If you are looking for the best early-game gadgets to unlock & upgrade first in Spider-Man 2 and make things easy while fighting crime in New York City, then don’t worry we have got you covered. The latest installment in Insomniac’s web-slinger series brings back many of the old mechanics from the previous titles. And while this includes the wide array of skills and abilities of both spidermen including the Suit Tech, it’s the gadgets that are one of the best returning features in Spider-Man 2. There are 5 gadgets that players can unlock and upgrade as they progress in their main and side story missions.

Each gadget has its unique ability that makes taking out enemies and brutes pretty easy in the game. While you will come across some of the older gadgets in the Spider Tech inventory, there are a few new ones in the arsenal that you can use. Having said that, you will have to get tech parts & city tokens to upgrade these gadgets in Spider-Man 2. With that out of the way, if you want to know the best early-game gadgets for both Spidermen, then here is a guide you should check out further.

List of Gadgets to Unlock & Upgrade First in Spider-Man 2

Here is a list of all the gadgets and which to upgrade first as you progress through your story and side missions in Spider-Man 2:

Web Shooters

Unlock And Upgrade Web Shooters In Spider-Man 2

The most basic gadget in the arsenal is the Web Shooters in Spider-Man 2. These shooters will help you fire webs at your enemies during combat. The Web Shooters will be unlocked automatically for both of the spidermen and you will find the capacity to be increased this time around in the game. There are now 12 slots in the Web Shooter that players can use accordingly. You can upgrade these at first in your campaign to make things easy going at first.

Concussion Burst

Unlock & Upgrade Concussion Burst In Spider-Man 2

One of the new gadgets that you will come across and a very helpful one while dealing large pool is the Concussion Burst in the game. While it doesn’t deal the damage needed, it will stun and knock back your enemies, giving you enough time to deal damage and combos with other gadgets or with your skills and abilities. You can upgrade these alongside other gadgets in the game.

Ricochet Web

The Ricochet Web is also one of the newest gadgets that both of the Spidermen will unlock and upgrade in Spider-Man 2. It webs up multiple enemies with a shot that bounces repeatedly between them in the game. It is also the last available gadget that you will unlock as it requires around level 13. This is one of the best gadgets to upgrade first in Spider-Man 2. It’s effective in many different situations with its ability to stun and web up enemies.


Unlock And Upgrade Upshot In Spider-Man 2

Upshot is one of the best gadgets for delivering huge combos in the game. The gadget suspends multiple enemies in the air which makes them vulnerable to air combos in Spider-Man 2. This with the Web-Grabber can make dealing with enemies relatively much easier. We would recommend upgrading the Upshot right after Web Grabber to help you deliver those combos with both Peter and Miles.

Web Grabber

Upgrade Web Grabber In Spider-Man 2

The Web Grabber is the best gadget to unlock and upgrade early in Spider-Man 2. The reason is that it grabs multiple enemies into one place, making them highly vulnerable to area attacks from the Spidermen. After upgrading the Web Grabber to level 3, players will also be able to grab brutes in one place along with pulling throwables from the environment. You can then follow the gadget with Venom Punch or some other attack in your arsenal.

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