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Best Food Source In Minecraft – Top Food Items

Learn which is the best Food source in Minecraft. Is it Fish? Is it Kelp? Find out from this guide.

Minecraft is a calm & peaceful game. But it is a Survival game so things can go bad at a moment’s notice. In such cases having a full Bar of Health & Hunger is always beneficial. All the player has to do is to eat from a Food Source in Minecraft. But what is the best Food Source? Is it possible to fill both the Bars with one food source? In today’s guide, I will tell you what is the Best Food Source in Minecraft.

What is the Best Food Source in Minecraft?

suspicious stew

The Hunger system in Minecraft can be broken down into 2 major components, Hunger & Saturation. Hunger is your Food bar on the right side of your Screen indicated by 10 Meat icons (Drumsticks) which are 20 Hunger Points. Over time the Hunger Bar will go down and eating a Food Source will replenish it. Saturation is an invisible stat in Minecraft. it is basically how long you go on without depleting your Hunger Bar. Now the Best Food Source in Minecraft will be able to give the best of Both Worlds. Let’s see what they are.

In your Normal Playthrough, Food Sources like Beef Steaks, Porkchops, Cooked Mutton, & Cooked Chicken are your go-to. They are really good but not the best food source you can get in Minecraft. That title goes to the Suspicious Stew. Yes, you read it right the Suspicious Stew is by far the best Food Source in Minecraft if you consider every factor. If you make a Suspicious Stew with a Dandelion or a Blue Orchid, you will gain 12 Hunger Points (Drumsticks x6) & Max Saturation till the effects are active. No other Food Source in Minecraft can provide these crazy stats. Effectively, you will be able to restore your entire Hunger Bar with one Suspicious Stew.

How Do I get Suspicious Stew in Minecraft?

If you take a Bowl, a Red Mushroom, a Brown Mushroom, & a Dandelion or a Blue Orchid in a Crafting Table, you will get a Suspicious Stew with the Saturation effect. This seems like a lot of work but there is a better way of getting this Food Source in Minecraft. That is by Milking a Mooshroom Cow with a Bowl. After feeding it with the mentioned Flowers, you will be able to get the desired Suspicious Stew. The only obstacle is finding a Mooshroom Cow as they spawn in the Mooshroom Biomes which are rare in Minecraft. But when do get one, it will solve all of your Food problems.

This was all about the best Food Source in Minecraft, which is the Suspicious Stew imbued with a Dandelion or a Blue Orchid. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can check out our guides on Best Helmet Enchantments & Dye Leather Armor in Minecraft.