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Cookie Clicker: Best Dragon Aura (Krumblor Combos)

Here is the best Dragon Aura in Cookie Clicker.

After getting the Dragon cookie in Cookie Clicker you might be wondering which is the best Aura for it. This can be a bit confusing because there are a few of them that sound like they’ll work very well with it. But the problem is a lot of them are very situational. So in this guide check out the best Krumblor Aura in Cookie Clicker and which dragon aura combos to use.

Best Dragon Aura in Cookie Clicker

cookie clicker best krumblor aura and dragon combos

The best Dragon Aura in Cookie Clicker is without fail Radiant Appetite. Its reason is it doubles cookie production. So no matter if you play the game as an idle game or  if you are an active cookie clicker. This aura will work well for both cases. Aside from that, there are two more Krumblor Auras that you can find useful for this game.

  • Breath of Milk: As per its description, “Kittens are 5% more effective.”. Thus the aura effect is the Milk Effect: 1.05x.
  • Dragonflight: For a player that doesn’t play the game idly, this aura is for you. When this aura is active Golden Cookies have a chance to trigger a Dragonflight. And what this Dragonflight refers to is, it gives you x1111 cookies per click for 10 seconds. But as mentioned before it won’t with auto clicks. The best part is it can even stack with Click Frenzy.

Best Krumblor Aura Combos in Cookie Clicker

Based on your playstyle and the above auras there are only two combos that you can use.

  • Radiant Appetite + Breath of Milk: This combo is for idle / AFK players. As Radiant Appetite doubles your cookies having that paired with Breath of Milk makes your Kittens work 5% more efficiently. You should rack up a ton of cookies when not playing the game.
  • Radiant Appetite + Dragonflight: Having to actively click and play is a must for this combo. Again you have the 2x cookies boost thanks to Radiant Appetite. But now when you trigger Dragonflight from a Golden Cookie. For the next 10 seconds, you can collect a massive amount of cookies.

That covers this guide on the best Dragon Aura to use in Cookie Clicker and the recommended Krumblor combos. For more help on this game, I suggest you also check these guides on how to ascend, use sugar lump, and all hacks & cheat codes.