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Cookie Clicker Sugar Lump Guide – How To Use Them

Here's a guide on Sugar Lump and how to use them in Cookie Clicker.

Cookie Clicker has a secondary currency that will only unlock after you have baked at least one billion cookies. Safe to say it is going to take some time to get that done. But once you do so, how do you use Sugar Lump in Cookie Clicker? Since this is a common question in the game, we will help you with that part.


Cookie Clicker fans can look forward to collecting them once they unlock them since it is one of the most important things in the game. They are one of the few things that are permanent and will remain even after the ascension. Since you are already looking to utilize Sugar Lump, we recommend you check out our guide first and understand it.

How to Use Sugar Lump in Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker Sugar Lump

Since they are permanent, harvesting Sugar Lump should be the first agenda on your list. You can find them growing under the Stats option at the top. Once it is ripe, simply click on it to harvest. They do automatically harvest once ripe even if you forget to do so. Along with that, you might be lucky and get a Sugar Lump by clicking on a Golden Cookie.


The main use of Sugar Lump in Cookie Clicker is to level up buildings. Each time you level up a building, you receive a 1% permanent boost in cookie production.

Along with that, here are a few other ways to spend Sugar Lump:

  • You can unlock the grimoire by spending the Lump on Wizard Tower.
  • If the pantheon is something you want, 1 lump on temples is enough for it.
  • Since garden is important spend 1 lump to unlock it.
  • You can also unlock stock market once you spend 1 lump on the banks.

That’s all there is on Sugar Lump in Cookie Clicker. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Cookie Clicker guides with Gamer Tweak.