Cookie Clicker Golden Cookies: How To Get It?

Want to know how you can get your hands on those delicious-looking Golden Cookies in Cookie Clicker? Read this article to learn how you can do so.

While playing Cookie Clicker, you may have come across Golden Cookies that appear at certain intervals in the game. These cookies tend to disappear within around 13 seconds of appearing on your screen. Clicking on them will give you different types of cookie production boosts. In this article, we will show you how you can get these special cookies.

How to Get Golden Cookies In Cookie Clicker?

golden cookies cookie clicker

To get the Golden Cookies in Cookie Clicker, you will need certain specific Upgrades. Using these upgrades will help you get more Golden Cookies in the game. Let’s check out these upgrades in the table below:

Lucky Day 7 Golden Cookies Clicked 777.778 million cookies
Serendipity 27 Golden Cookies Clicked 77.778 billion cookies
Get Lucky 77 Golden Cookies Clicked 77.778 trillion cookies

As you can see, these upgrades are extremely important in increasing the quantity of the Golden Cookies that will appear on your screen.

In the Lucky Day upgrade, the Golden Cookies will appear up to twice as often when compared to normal. These cookies will also last for twice as long on your screen. The upgrade will display a message saying “Oh hey, a four-leaf penny!”

In the Serendipity upgrade, you will see the same effects as the Lucky Day upgrade. This means the cookies will appear up to twice often when compared to a normal situation. Similarly, these cookies will also last for twice as long. The only difference will be the message, which in this case will say, “What joy! Seven horseshoes!”

The Get Lucky upgrade will result in the Golden Cookie effects lasting for twice as long as normal. You will also be shown a message saying, “You’ve been up all night, haven’t you?”

You will also be able to check how many Golden Cookies you may have clicked while playing Cookie Clicker by heading into the Stats menu in the game.

This is how you can get Golden Cookies in Cookie Clicker. While this process might initially seem a little complex, you will get quite used to it eventually. Using the upgrades mentioned earlier in this article will also help you get more cookies.

Now that you know how to get these special cookies, check out all you need to know about the Herald in Cookie Clicker.