Best Discord Servers For Among Us (2023)

Looking for Friends to play Among Us with? These Discord servers will help you find them.

Among Us was a viral game back in 2020 and is still having quite a bit of popularity due to its updates. If you want to find other players to enjoy the game with, you can join dedicated Among Us Discord Servers. Plus, you can use it while playing the game to communicate with others to prove your innocence as a crewmate or fake it, if you’re an imposter. To help you out with all of this, here are the best Discord Servers for Among Us.

Best Among Us Discord Servers

If your friends don’t want to play Among Us with you, don’t worry. Join these Discord servers where you can make new friends, interact with the community, participate in exciting events and win prizes as well.

InnerSloth (Official Server)

among us innersloth discord server link

Let’s begin with the official Discord server. It has around 600,000 members as of now. If the server is full, you need to try again later. Joining this community is important because you can get info straight from the developers as well as data about upcoming content. Make sure to read through all the rules and follow them sincerely if you want to continue being a part of the official Among Us server.

LFG Community

lfg community discord

This is a thriving gaming community that has giveaways and more fun stuff. You can share memes, listen to music, participate in events and make new friends. It has 124,260 members at the time of writing, out of which more than 16K were online! So, whenever you are ready to play, there may always be someone to play Among Us or any other game with!

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Among Us Gaming

among us gaming server link

There are multiple Discord servers named Among Us and this one has 211,192 members and counting. It has a separate Matchmaking section which is carefully segregated into Asia lobbies, NA lobbies, EU lobbies as well as modded, text-only and console lobbies. Again, make sure to read through their rules and FAQs to know more before engaging with the members.

Among Us

among us discord server free

This one has 100,000+ members and it’s a super-active server. You can matchmake as well as chat with other players, listen to music and also participate in tournaments.

These are some of the best Among Us Discord servers that are not specific to a certain country. So, go ahead and check them out and select the one you prefer! These will be pretty welcoming communities so hopefully, you can find more like-minded players in them.

Since we are talking about Among Us, if you’d like to know some tips, tricks and more, be sure to head over to our Among Us guides section. Also, you can explore our Discord guides to know some hidden secrets about this platform as well.