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Best Counters For Doomfist In Overwatch 2

Here are the best counter-picks for Doomfist in OW2.

Doomfist’s gauntlet was part of the first cinematic trailer for Overwatch, so needless to say it was pretty hype when he came out as a playable hero. While Doomfist used to be a Damage hero in Overwatch, he has since gone through some changes in his kit and also switched into a Tank hero for Overwatch 2. These sorts of changes not only changed some of his play styles but even shook up some of the meta for his counters.

Best Heroes you can pick to Counter Doomfist in Overwatch 2

how to counter doomfist ow2

Here are some of the best heroes that can efficiently counter Doomfist in the current meta.

  • Zarya
  • Roadhog
  • Baptiste
  • Bastion


Zarya can counter Doomfist well in the defense department. A good Zarya player can efficiently use her Energy to block most damage that Doomfist deals. She can also defend herself from his Rocket Punch by using her Particle Barrier at the right time. While not having too much to deal the most damage possible, she still outclasses other picks when it comes to defending herself from Doomfist.


Roadhog is quite possibly the best option for a tank player if you need to counter Doomfist as he can use his Chain Hook to pull and deal massive burst damage. Since Doomfist has a lower base health pool than other tanks, a chain hook into a headshot combo leaves him running for his life and forcing him into a defensive stance.


Baptiste can put forth some great chip damage from a distance to Doomfist but he can also entirely dodge most, if not all of Doomfist’s attack abilities like Rocket Punch and Seismic Slam by using his Exo boosts and jumping out of the way. He can also out-heal the Hand Cannon projectile damage by using Regenerative Burst and also save himself and his teammates from a killing blow of a Rocket punch by using his Immortality Field.


Bastion’s Assault configuration quite literally melts Doomfist but you have to time it right, when he engages in an attack and uses his Seismic Slam or Rocket Punch to dive onto you or your teammates, that’s when you switch into Assault Configuration and take the opportunity. With the right teammates and team comp around a Bastion, he can keep the enemy Doomfist at bay.

The general play to counter Doomfist is to be aware of his Gauntlet and whether it is Empowered or not, most high DPS Heroes like Sojourn, Soldier, Tracer, etc. can bring down his health decently fast if he doesn’t have an empowered gauntlet. Being aware of when he is going to attack and which of his abilities are on cooldown makes the difference. Timing your attacks right and catching him in a bad position is the key to countering Doomfist in Overwatch 2.

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