Best Build For Cleric In Halls Of Torment (Abilities, Items, & Traits)

Clear out any stage easily with this overpowered Cleric Build in Halls of Torment.

With our Best Cleric Build in Halls of Torment, you will be able to clear out stages easily. This Build includes the Best Traits, Abilities, and Items that you can equip to Cleric to make him unbeatable. Being a Melee/Magic character, he uses Holy Sceptre as his main weapon to deal a huge amount of damage to the enemies. And with this overpowered Cleric Build, even all the Bosses will feel his wrath. Take a look below to get started.

Best Cleric Build in Halls of Torment

Best Cleric Build in Halls of Torment

A Cleric does not benefit from Critical Damage because it has a zero CRIT. Chance and CRIT. Bonus value. However, they have a colossal 666 Damage that lets him destroy Boss enemies faster than any other Hero. But when around a bunch of enemies (which is forever), his damage value will be distributed. With that being said, here’s what Traits, Abilities, and Items you can use to make the Best Cleric Build in Halls of Torment.

Best Traits for Cleric

Check out below for the Best Traits build for Cleric in Halls of Torment:

  • Collateral Damage: +8% Area / Cone Size
  • QuickHands: +10% Attack Speed
  • Strength: +10% Damage
  • Multihit: +10% Additional Attacks

Best Items for Cleric

Following are some of the most useful Items that you can equip to Cleric in Halls of Torment:

  • Longfinger Gloves: +80% pickup range
  • Collar of Confidence: +5% damage for each enemy in your pickup range. The maximum is 50%
  • Iron Ring: +10 base attack damage

Best Abilities for Cleric in Halls of Torment

Using the following Abilities will complete our Cleric Build making it OP in Halls of Torment:

  • Radiant Aura: Casts light that distributes its damage equally among all foes in its range. Automatically cast in intervals
  • Ring Blades: Throws blades left and right in alternation. Blades act like boomerangs passing the character and then flying off-screen. Multihit increases the frequency of thrown blades.

In the above Halls of Torment Cleric Build, we have focused mostly on increasing his Damage and Range. And that’s why we have chosen the mentioned Abilities, Traits, and Items that play their role perfectly here.

Now that you have the Best Cleric Build in Halls of Torment, ensure to make the most out of it. Also, you can check out our Best Build for Shieldmaiden if you have already unlocked him. For more such informative content, make sure to take a look at our Halls of Torment section right here on Gamer Tweak.