Best Classes In XDefiant To Use (Top Factions)

Here is a list of the best classes like the Echelon, Phantoms and more in XDefiant.

XDefiant is quickly gaining popularity amongst FPS gamers. With fast-paced gameplay and a huge bunch of weapons already, things get more interesting with the inclusion of Classes. Also known as Factions, Ubisoft has brought together a wide variety of characters to choose from. But since there are many classes, it can become hard to decide which one of them will suit your playstyle. To help you choose the right one, we have prepared a guide on the Best Classes in XDefiant.

Best Class in XDefiant

echelon best class xdefiant


Echelon is by far the best class in XDefiant. This faction is the best in business when it comes to ambushing enemies stealthily. Since Echelon belongs to the Spy class, it has all the abilities you’d wish for if you like playing stealthy. The Echelon class can also hold its own while playing solo with the passive ability Low Profile. With this ability, you remain invisible on the minimap at all times. This allows you to engage in skirmishes as and when you please without worrying about exposing your location. And that’s not all, the Echelon is the best Faction while playing with your squad as well. With the Intel Suit ability, the location of nearby enemies is shared with your team. And don’t forget the absolutely overpowered Digital Ghillie Suit ability which gives you near-perfect invisibility.


The Phantoms are the best class in XDefiant if you like focusing on teamwork and love playing as a Tank. Being the tankiest agent in the game, they are the perfect Control class in the game. The Phantoms Mag Barrier ability is one of the best as it gives you temporary cover allowing your teammates to shoot through. The Passive ability Hardened gives you increased HP which is a blessing in disguise while engaging in non-stop encounters in XDefiant. This makes Phantoms one of the best Factions in the game.


If you want to frustrate your opponents, then the Dedsec is the best Class that you should go with in XDefiant. Playing the role of Hackers, this class will help you control your enemy’s abilities and disrupt their tech. The Dedsec is by far the most fun class to use in the game thanks to its notorious hacking abilities. So, if you love getting on the nerves of your enemies, then Dedsec is the best faction that you should pick. However, since they are low on firepower, make sure to use the best weapons in XDefiant.

Note: This list is based on our personal experience with each class during XDefiant matches. Since each player has a different playstyle, you may also like using the Libertad or Cleaner class apart from the ones mentioned above.

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That’s everything covered on the best Class in XDefiant. If you have just started playing the game, you may like to know how to claim Twitch Drops and more like this in our XDefiant section.