Best Weapons In XDefiant: Ranked List Of Top Guns

Want to win gun fights in XDefiant? Here are the best weapons to use in this game.

Choosing the best weapons in a fast-paced shooter like XDefiant can help you win the toughest battles. This game (also named COD Killer) features a plethora of guns. From well-balanced ARs to heavy-hitting shotguns, you can select any gun you like and customize it to your liking. This game is quite new so if you’re confused as to which gun you should pick as your primary, then this guide will help you choose.

List of Best Weapons in XDefiant – Top Guns Ranked

Here are all the guns in XDefiant ranked from best to worst. Note that these are primary weapons so pistols are excluded.

  1. M16A4
  2. TAC-50
  3. M4A1
  4. Vector .45 ACP
  5. AK-47
  6. AA-12
  7. MP7
  8. RPK-74
  9. SVD
  10. ACR 6.8
  11. M44
  12. M249
  13. M870
  14. MK 20 SSR
  15. M60
  16. MP5A2
  17. P90
  18. Double Barrel

Best Weapons In XDefiant (Top 5)


M16A4 Best Weapon in XDefiant
Image Source: Fire Mountain on YouTube

The M16A4 is a weapon that some may like and some may don’t. However, it felt like the perfect fit for this game. It only offers the burst-fire mode, which many may dislike. However, a perfect burst on the head is enough to get the job done. Its lack of fire rate makes it a stable weapon and you can easily control it during intense firefights.

TAC-50 – Best Sniper in XDefiant

TAC-50 Sniper
Image Source: Fire Mountain on YouTube

If you prefer a sniper over an AR, then TAC-50 is the way to go. This sniper can down an enemy with a single well-placed shot. It may take a while to master it. But once you do, you will be lethal in long-range fights.


Image Source: Fire Mountain on YouTube

This is the go-to gun for many players. It is easy to learn for beginners and destructive in the hands of veterans. The M4A1 is well-balanced across stats like precision, range, fire rate, and recoil. You can easily get multi-kills with this weapon in your hands.

Vector .45 ACP

Vector .45 ACP
Image Source: Fire Mountain on YouTube

The Kriss Vector is infamous in many shooters for its blinding rate of fire, and it’s no different in XDefiant. This gun can easily mow down enemies in close-range battles. But if you’re not cautious, you’ll be left standing in front of the enemy with an empty magazine. But you can mod it to increase its magazine capacity and run around gathering kills.


Image Source: Fire Mountain on YouTube

This high-damage AR is perfect in the hands of veterans. If you’re able to control the recoil of this gun, then you can easily obliterate enemies in the distance. Its high firepower and range make it one of the best weapons in this game.

Note that these rankings are based on our playstyle and gaming experience. It can change from player to player. Moreover, you can also personalize a weapon loadout to change its stats. This way, you can buff the stats of your favorite gun from the list and make it top-class.

That’s all from us on the best XDefiant weapons. We have more helpful guides like how to check the XDefiant server status, so make sure you check it on Gamertweak.