Best Clara Team Comps In Honkai Star Rail

Clara as your Main DPS character, who should be in your Team Comp in Honkai Star Rail. Check out our guide to find out.

Clara is one of the best 5-Star DPS characters in the game. For one such as Clara, it would be a waste not to have the best team comps in Honkai Star Rail with her. Since there are a plethora of characters, many players have found the correct composition to be elusive. Even we had to go through extensive trial and error before settling on one team composition with Clara. Since she is a Physical Element user, your attack is already somewhat sorted and the rest of the team should be about support and defense. We have also explained why we choose the following team comps with Clara so do check it out below.

Best Team Comps with Clara in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Best Clara Team Composition

Clara is a 5-Star Physical Element character who is definitely one of the best DPS in the game. Her damage stats are quite high making your entire attack function properly. Hence, all she needs from her team composition is proper support and defense. So, here are the best team comps that you can have with Clara in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Main DPS – Clara
  • Support – Jing Yuan
  • Healer – Natasha
  • Defense – March 7th

Since your attack is sorted, the best thing you can do for Clara is provide her with the best Support. Of course, a lot of it will depend on how players Build Clara. Nevertheless, this would still be the perfect team composition for Honkai Star Rail. March 7th is one of the best tank types in the game and hence, you can shield Clara very well with her. Although you can unlock and equip Relics that will help Clara heal, Natasha is one of those doctors that you must have for your entire team. Jing Yuan is the perfect support within the best Clara team comps in Honkai Star Rail. Because of his AoE attacks, Clara can go on to deal even more damage and as a result, make the best out of her Physical Element character type.

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