Best Cherry Grove Seeds In Minecraft 1.20 (2023)

Now that players get to play Minecraft 1.20, they are looking for the best Cherry Grove seeds to be a part of the biome filled with cherry blossoms. They are one of the best landscape additions to Minecraft in recent times. The best Minecraft 1.20 seeds already include numerous cherry biomes along with other landscapes that players can also check out. However, if you want a spawn location specific to cherry blossoms, we recommend you check out the seeds below.

Top 5 Best Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Grove Seeds

Minecraft 1.20 Best Cherry Grove Seeds

Here are the best Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Grove seeds that players can use to spawn in biomes filled with cherry blossoms and scenic landscapes:

  • -6002172403378028527 – This seed spawns players at one of the biggest cherry biomes in the game. The Cherry Grove is located on top of a hill and there are villages at the bottom of the hill. Along with that, this location also has a dripstone cave area closeby that leads all the way to one of the Ancient City. If you are looking to set up a base, this location is certainly one of the top places that players can try out.
  • -155071700 – This Minecraft 1.20 Seed is perfect for those looking for a Cherry Grove spawn location. The area is surrounded by a river which also provides you with a natural defense at the start. For a spawn location in the cherry biome, this is one of the best ones that players can find.
  • 5480987504042101543 – To be fair, this is not one of the best Cherry Grove Seeds in Minecraft 1.20 but also one of the best Minecraft 1.20 seeds overall. The spawn location is one of the best Cherry Grove surrounded by mountain peaks and forms a heart shape in the middle. A base in this location will certainly be impressive and worthy of bragging in front of your friends.
  • -4551103083184921765 – This is one of the rarest seeds that players might come across if they are looking for the best biome filled with cherry blossoms and ice. The spawn is completely covered in snow and surrounded by cherry blossoms on all sides except one. Once you travel further, you can even encounter other diverse landscapes.
  • -7546871041441139804 – If you are interested in a diverse biome with cherry blossoms in a donut shape, this seed is what you might be looking for. Cherry Groves surround a lake in the middle to form the donut shape. An entirely diverse landscape surrounds the cherry biome and although it may not be convinient to have a base here, you can definitely give it a go.

Players can also get some bonus Cherry Grove Seeds for Minecraft 1.20 in the video by akirby80 below:

That’s all we have on the best Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Grove Seeds. While you are here, check out how to Update Minecraft to 1.20, Optifine 1.20 Release Date, and other Minecraft guides right here at Gamer Tweak.

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