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Best Minecraft Seeds 2022 (Bedrock, Java, Pocket Edition)

Here are the best Minecraft seeds including survival, village and other cool and beautiful worlds to spawn into.

Looking for the best Minecraft seeds? This article has the list of the most beautiful and cool Minecraft seeds for survival and more. Choose any of these and spawn there. Many players are looking for unique seeds to get a brand new experience from the world and this is where you will find some good ones. So, go ahead and explore them.

Do note that the Minecraft version plays a role in this, so we will be mentioning them below. This is how you can get the best possible output in the form of worlds.


To generate the world, you have to ‘Create new World’ in the menu and look for the ‘Seed’ or ‘Seed for the world generator’ box where you can input the magic number that will create everything.

Best Minecraft Seeds


Here are the most beautiful and cool Minecraft seeds you can check out.

Floating Island

Seed:  -1541592643


Experience the winter in Minecraft, you can find a floating island that is surrounded by ice. It is one of the best locations you have in Minecraft. You can also find igloos and frozen villages. Certain locations have hidden chests holding up a valuable reward.

Oak Village

Seed:  -710750685


The original map in Minecraft, a survival island full of possibilities. It is a populated village with tons of players you can encounter. This is one of the most loved and popular islands in Minecraft a worth-visiting place in the game.

Brennenburg Castle

Seed: -577384543

If you want to add a bit of a horror theme to your game, jumping into this seed will give you a lot to discover. The mansion is just a further distance away from the village and as soon as you get into this seed, you will be thrown into the action. Make sure to look for resources as this seed is filled with secrets and much more to discover.

Ice Spikes

Seed: -4186746847636013829

This seed seems like it was spawned out of frozen hell, but the aesthetics will warm you over. There are endless resources in the forest and grasslands giving you the chance to start your own woodland fantasy home.

Mushroom Kingdom

Seed: -8504220077033419916

This vast world seems more fictitious as there are mushroom-filled one after the other. A vast lush forest that seems endless. You might have to enable the ‘Large Biomes’ option before entering this seed, but it will certainly be worth the effort.

Meteor mystery (Java 1.14+)

Seed:  -2084759484
Minecraft Seed HQ

This Minecraft seed will be found next to a humble town that not only has a huge collection of resources and villagers to trade with but also a water source and wood. A huge meteor has left a mysterious crater outside your small town? This new world will provide an amazing base for some bedrock adventures.

Shipwreck survival (Java 1.14+)

Seed: -241750337
Minecraft Seed HQ

Using this dangerous seed, Shift yourself off to the middle of nowhere, where you just have resources in the wreck to keep yourself alive. If you are a brave explorer and looking for a new challenge and creative types to build your own super-villain fortress in the middle of the sea, this tiny islet is surely for you.

A song of ice and spire (Bedrock/Pocket Edition)

Seed: 2223210
Minecraft Seed HQ

If you claim yourself as a lone wolf and a personality who can survive in any climate then this Minecraft seed is highly recommended for you. You are likely to witness various bunnies on the way to the ice biome.

Bamboo safari (Bedrock, Pocket Edition)

Seed: 57558375
Minecraft Seed HQ

If you love exploring wildlife in Minecraft, you must find Bamboo Safari seed that you can easily get right next to a lush bamboo forest. What all you have to do is to go to the wild searching for Pandas, parrots, and more. Be sure not to be trapped in any of the deep caverns shaded by the high trees.

Biome bundle (Java 1.14+)

Seed: -676194426
Minecraft Seed HQ

Using Biome Bundle Minecraft seed, you can get three biomes for the price of one. You can get this Minecraft seed right in the middle of the action between the eroded badlands, the coral reef, and a giant swamp.

Emerald temple (Bedrock, Pocket Edition)

Seed: -139003
Minecraft Seed HQ

This Minecraft seed spawns in the middle of a desert, which is nearer to a temple that is bursting with loot. Horse armor, golden apples, diamonds and bones… you know, everything you could ever dream of! This seed is highly recommended if you are required a quick kick-off to stimulate your architectural desires.

Ravine lodgings (Java 1.13+)

Seed: 1413498379
Minecraft Seed HQ

If you have been wondering and looking for a wonderful and challenging place to explore in Minecraft, this seed is surely worth trying. You can find this seed close to a well-stocked village. What makes it interesting is it is hidden in the ravine which is located next to the blacksmith.

If you go inside, you will witness a little library in the chasm with a humble librarian. What you have to do is to say Hello to the Librarian and then perhaps one goodbye with your sword if you’d like to live alone in the nightmarish void.

These are all seeds you need to try. We will be updating this post for more so check back soon. While you are here, check out our lists of best seeds for speedrunning, villages, PC and PS4.