Best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds For Java & Bedrock (2023)

Here are the best Minecraft seeds including survival, village and other cool and beautiful worlds to spawn into.

The best Minecraft 1.20 seeds are out and Java and Bedrock players can enjoy unique spawn locations while setting up their bases. Most of these locations are quite astoundingly beautiful and at the same time, they are quite safe for starting your base. Since there are chances of getting attacked as you go ahead, it’s better to have a set up where you are not really threatened and have the safe space to create the base of your liking. With Minecraft evolving further and further, there are chances that more unique seeds will drop soon and we will keep updating this guide as soon as we find a few more.

Top 10 Best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds (2023)

Minecraft Best Seeds in 1.20

Here are the best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds that players can use immediately to have a good spawn:

  • -155071700 – This Minecraft 1.20 Seed is perfect for those looking for a Cherry Grove spawn location surrounded by a river to provide you a natural defense at the start.
  • 2006968756514030561 – One of the most beautiful spawn locations, this seed will spawn you at a river back that flows toward snow-capped peaks that bring out an amazing scenery.
  • 6940891880241074 – With this seed, players can find themselves in scenic valleys full of Cherry Blossoms that can be turned into amazing towns as you go forward.
  • -4749253937197506002 – While spawning using this seed, players will find themselves at one of the best frozen landscapes where they can set up an entirely unique kind of kingdom.
  • -1222015843355245090 – If you are interested in plateaus and Cherry Groves, then this seed this definitely for you. It provides players with a great natural landscape and a good spawn location to set up their base.
  • 7099786065136184847 – For a spawn location, this would be one of the most unique Minecraft seeds that we have seen in a while. The frozen lake and the towering arch make a combination better than we could think of.
  • -3751320169003117483 – If you want a spawn on a plateau surrounded by river and then the Cherry Groves, this seed is exactly what you need. This location also has a ruined Portal and numerous flowers and bees for players.
  • -6012967565537503032 – This seed has a unique feature as it spawns you near one of the most diverse scenic locations where players can find caves, cliffs, and a landscape that would make for an impressive base.
  • 5480987504042101543 – While other Minecraft 1.20 seeds have been pretty good, this one is probably the cherry on the cake that players need. The spawn location is one of the best Cherry Grove surrounded by mountain peaks and forms a heart shape in the middle. A base in this location will certainly be impressive and worthy of bragging in front of your friends.
  • -7549645608539937655 – If you are a Game of Thrones fans (A Song of Ice & Fire), this location will remind you of the Wall in the north. Huge Snowy peaks will be where players will spawn with diverse landscapes on each sides of the peaks.

There are 10 more bonus Minecraft 1.20 Seeds that players can check out in the video below along with the stunning scenes that they can find. The video is credited to Minecraft & Chill:

That’s all we have from this guide on the best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds. While you are here, check out how to Update Minecraft to 1.20, Optifine 1.20 Release Date, and other Minecraft guides right here at Gamer Tweak.