MultiVersus Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (October 2023)

Here is the Tier list for MultiVersus ranking the best characters.

When it comes to games like MultiVersus, having a Tier List helps to know which are the best characters in the game. Even though the game is in Open Beta it has 17 characters that you can play with. But not all of them are strong and worth unlocking. So in this MultiVersus Tier List let us rank all characters from best to worst.

MultiVersus Characters Tier List

best characters tier list for multiversus

Here is my tier list of the best characters in MultiVersus. Depending on the fighters you play as you might feel that some characters placed in S Tier should be ranked lower, or the characters from the B or C Tier could be placed higher. That is fine, especially since this is a fighting game you will have a preference for a certain fighter. Now let us check this list.

Character Tier Class
Stripe S Tier Assassin
Batman S Tier Bruiser
Shaggy S Tier Bruiser
Bugs Bunny S Tier Mage / Ranged
Harley Quinn A Tier Assassin
Arya Stark A Tier Assassin
Morty A Tier Bruiser
Finn the Human A Tier Assassin
Jake The Dog A Tier Bruiser
Rick B Tier Mage / Ranged
Wonder Woman B Tier Tank
Reindog B Tier Support
Superman B Tier Tank
Black Adam B Tier Bruiser
Gizmo C Tier Support
Taz C Tier Bruiser
Tom and Jerry C Tier Mage / Ranged
Garnet D Tier Bruiser
Steven Universe D Tier Support
Velma D Tier Support
LeBron James D Tier Bruiser
Iron Giant F Tier Tank

The below information on the best fighters on each class is from the Open Beta of the game. It is still true for some characters like Harley Quinn and Superman. But for other characters it is not so much applicable in the current meta.

Best Assassin Fighter

harley quinn

  • Harley Quinn: The role of the Assassin in this game is to deal massive damage. And Harley Quinn does that job perfectly, be it her explosives or her bat attacks. When you time them correctly you can deal a lot of damage to your enemies. The catch comes with assassins also taking more damage. So you can’t always be on the offense. Once you practice Harley a bit you can come up with your own attack combinations. The best part is she is a fun character to play, so you should enjoy her even if you are just learning her.
  • Alternatively, if you find that Harley isn’t for you then Arya Stark should be the next assassin to go to. One of her most useful moves is her ability to teleport. But that was just one of them. There are plenty of more combos you can try out with her.

Best Bruiser Character

taz multiversus tier list

  • Taz: Taz is probably the strongest character in the game. Since it is a bruiser it can take quite a ton of damage while also dealing equal amounts of it. If you are new and enjoy spamming moves then this character is for you. Be it the spin tornado move, or the moves that deal “tasty” damage. Taz can be a real problem for your opponents when played correctly.
  • Since Taz is going to get nerfed for its Spin move many players may need another option for a Bruiser. So an alternative Bruiser option is Batman. There are plenty of tricks and moves up his sleeve, or should I say in his Utility belt. Another excellent option for a bruiser is Shaggy with his Rage state.

Tank Best Fighter

superman multiversus best characters tier list


  • Superman: Looking for a tank? This looks like the job for Superman. His ice breath can literally freeze your enemies in their tracks. And even if you don’t stop them you should have no problem using your charged attacks while taking some hits. And while he is supposed to take hits being a tank, this fighter gets to dodge up and diagonally up while standing. Not many characters can do this in the game. You also have plenty of options to recover and re-enter the stage, for example by flying.
  • But if Superman isn’t for you then Wonder Woman should be your next best option. Not only is she a good tank you can also support your players with her lasso of truth.

Best Mage / Ranged Character

tom and jerry

  • Tom and Jerry: In the open beta, there are only two mages in the game Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny. But the problem with Bugs Bunny is he is probably the hardest character in the game to learn. Hence the fighter we recommend for Ranged attacks is Tom and Jerry. Don’t take this duo too lightly though, you need to understand the synergy between Tom and Jerry to use it properly. For instance, you can throw jerry at an ally to give them a speed and strength buff. This was just one example, knowing these moves can help you play this character better.

Best Support Fighter


  • Reindog: Reindog does quite a lot of justice to its class, that is Support. Be it giving your ally an electrical buff or letting them use you as a projectile. Reindog has you covered. The only major problem with it is as with other support characters. You can’t do much damage with it unless you have mastery. Even then you can find other characters more suited for the job.

That covers this Tier List for the best characters in MultiVersus. I suggest you also check out our Tier Lists for more such lists. And for more help on this game check out our guides on how to change your name, toast another player, and play local multiplayer.