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Best Cars In Watch Dogs: Legion

These best cars in Watch Dogs: Legion will ensure that you not only get to your destination quickly you will also do it in style

Best cars in Watch Dogs: Legion will offer you the comfort of your bed while driving at the speed of sound. These cars not only look amazing but will also let you escape assailants and others that wish to cause you harm. This guide will show you all the best cars in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Best Cars In Watch Dogs: Legion


Almost every car that you see in Watch Dogs: Legion has a real-life counterpart that it is inspired from, but this doesn’t mean that the cars in the game work and act the real-life cars. These best cars in Watch Dogs: Legion will make sure that you not only get to wherever you wish to be in style, but you will also do it fast.

These are the best cars in Watch Dogs: Legion:

Spy Car – Atterley Fairlight


Best Cars In Watch Dogs: Legion

This car defines the classic James Bond car with gadgets and tons of abilities, this is the best car that you can have in the game as it can even turn invisible. If you want to know how to unlock the Spy Car, you can check it out here.

It is also one of the most stable and fastest cars in Watch Dogs: Legion that can shoot missiles and take down enemies. Make sure to take this car for a spin in the game.


Oscuro Ultra 8

Best Cars In Watch Dogs: Legion

If you want a car that looks that has all the features and characteristics of the batmobile while giving you one of the best on-road performance then the Oscuro Ultra 8 is the car that you should be looking for.

Like a race car, it is fast and loud drawing attention from everyone who is around this car. While it may not be great for stealth, it is good as a getaway car. You can find it on the streets of London.


De Vale EK 7

The De Vale EK 7 is the ultimate style icon in Watch Dogs: Legion, the De Vale Ek 7 shares a close resemblance with the Aston Martin DB11. Making it one of the finest British engineering has to offer.

To get the De Vale EK 7 you will need to get to the southern side of the Palace and look for it there. Otherwise, you will have to wait for it to spawn on the streets of London.

Targ 536-TT

The Targ 536-TT has Britain’s flag wrapped on it just like Austin Power’s Jaguar. The car is great to drive and one of the few cars that will handle exactly like you want it to behave. It’s not that fast but it is a great fashion statement.

The car looks amazing and can be seen roaming around in the game ever so often. A certain attention grabber, make sure that you check out the Targ whenever you see it next.

De Vale Cardinal

The British pride themselves on their cars as they have been the status symbol of pride and wealth for a long time and one such car in Watch Dogs: Legion is the De Vale Cardinal. It looks like a dream Rolls Royce would but with a futuristic upgrade.

While it does not scream out stealth in any way, there is a certain pride in having to drive one of the costliest and elegant cars in the game. You can find the De Vale Cardinal in the posh areas of London in the game.

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Diemar DM50 Saloon

The Diemar screams out high-performance as it is one of the best cars to use when you’re trying to escape cops and others. The Diemar will zoom past others in a flash and be hard to trace even with the entire city being under surveillance.

The best thing about this car is the fact that it isn’t so rare and you can get it randomly in the streets of London. Just make sure to check outside pubs and café as there’s always one parked nearby.

Landrock Conqueror

Best Cars In Watch Dogs: Legion

If in the case that you’re being chased by a bunch of drones and thugs, the Landrock Conqueror is the car that you would feel safest in. By the looks of it, it gives a genuine safe feeling to it while performance isn’t the ideology behind it.

Landrock Conqueror is one of the safest cars to get into if you’re being shot at, but because of its sheer size and volume, it is also one of the slowest cars to turn and can feel a bit weird in high-speed chases.

Matarhorn Arbiter

The Matarhorn Arbiter is the go-to car for Albion and rightly so because of the size and performance that it delivers. While it may not be the fastest vehicle, it can take a bit of a beating in the game while evoking a feeling of strength and power.

The Matarhorn Arbiter is usually driven by Albion henchmen and getting your hands on it will certainly never be easy or simply straightforward. We suggest you try this car out just for the fun of the chase that it will bring once you nick it.

Talos Vitta Hot

While there are plenty of hatchbacks in Watch Dogs: Legion, this one looks the most futuristic while giving you the feeling of a race car. It looks like something that can outrun the cops and at the same time offer you a ton of comfort and assurance on the road.

The Talos is perfect for the hacker who needs to look the part of a normal citizen while controlling and hacking everything in the distance. We’ve had tons of fun while using the Talos Vitta Hot, and we think that you should try it out too.

Bogen 50

The Mini-Cooper is the pride of London and it makes its appearance in the game as Bogen 50. It is quick, nimble and a lot of fun to drive in the game. You can use the Bogen 50 to take sharp turns and zip across narrow spaces.

The Bogen 50 is not the fastest neither it is one of the strongest but we still loved it as it felt original to the aesthetics of the game as it was mean to be. A final piece of the puzzle in Watch Dogs: Legion, the Bogen 50 is a fun thing to drive around.

These are the best cars that you can use in Watch Dogs: Legion, these cars will ensure that you get to see the part of London with a blurry perspective as you will keep zooming across the streets of the game.

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