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Best Car Crash Games Of All Time (2023)

Crash and burn your way through our list of the 7 best car-crashing games of all time.

They say you can’t take your eyes off a car crash. There is a sort of devastating beauty to watching metal scrapping metal. It seems like time almost slows down to a halt as you watch the destructive beauty of a crash unfold before you. There are few prettier sights in the gaming world than a well-executed car crash. We here at Gamer Tweak have compiled a list of what we think are the 7 best car crash games that you can play in 2023.

Best Car Crash Games of All Time (2023)

DiRt Rally 2.0

best car crash games dirt rally 2.0

Crashing cars in spectacular fashion is what DiRT Rally 2.0 is known for. The 2019 game takes pride in recreating the thrill and adrenaline inherent in the sport of Rallying. Praised for its attention to detail, the side effects of any mistake you make are the spectacular crash you can witness. 8 varied circuits and some great car customizing options make DiRT Rally 2.0 a must-try for gamers.


wreckfest best car crash games

With a name like that, a game must deliver on its promise and Wreckfest does not disappoint. Developer BugBear made the game to be as realistic as possible with their custom engine crafted to mimic real-life physics. The result leads to some of the most realistic collisions you can witness in a game. But the game’s real heart is its cars. Classic bodies with a tough exterior, take your pick from a slew of cars and experiment with your play style.

BeamNG Drive

beamNG drive best car crash games

Closer to a physics experiment than a video game, BeamNG Drive consistently delivers hours of fun to its fans. The game’s soft body system aims to recreate car crashes as close to reality as physically possible. Taking detailed measurements of the level of impact, angles of the crash, and how severe the outcome will be. For players looking to just wreak havoc and see parts fly, BeamNG Drive makes things just that little extra.

Concept Destruction

Concept Destruction best car crash games

At first glance, the idea of a demolition derby with cardboard cars sounds absurd but Concept Destruction somehow beats the odds. While the cars themselves look like kindergarten projects, a few minutes is all it takes for the trill to kick in. Various modes and a real sense of thrill make Concept Destruction a delight to play.

Split Second Velocity

split second velocity best car crash games

After more than 10 years since its release, few games are able to capture the speed and intensity Split Second Velocity offers its players. Split Second is like a Micahel bay movie coming to life, ramming your car into opponents is the game’s core ethos. Underrated in its time the game has stood the test of time as one of the best arcade races ever made.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

need for speed hot pursuit best car crash games

No list of racing games is complete without at least one Need for Speed Title. While all previous games revolved around you evading the long arm of the law, Hot Pursuit lets you dish out some justice for a change. Gameplay wise Hot Pursuit mostly sticks to the classic NFS mechanics, which works in the game’s favor. The game is also elevated thanks to its robust list of cars, each with a different feel. Quick duels and glorious crashes are all that Hot Pursuit is about.

Burnout: Paradise Remastered

burnout paradise remastered best car crash games

The greatest racing game without a doubt, Burnout: Paradise Remastered is a game for all seasons. Crashing and the Burnout series go hand in hand as players are encouraged to roughhouse with decked-out supercars. Paradise City is your playground to rule, players can spend endless hours drifting through the varied locations leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Now with the remastered version, the game has never looked better and we can’t wait to dive in again.

Those are our picks for the best car-crashing games of all time. Check out our list of the Best Horror Games of all time and stick around on Gamer Tweak for all things gaming.