Brawl Stars – Best Brawlers For Basket Brawl

Here are the Best Brawlers you should choose for Basket Brawl in Brawl Stars.

Basket Brawl is a Seasonal game mode in Brawl Stars. In Basket Brawl, 2 teams of 3 players have to take the Basket Ball and score on the enemies Basket. The first team to 5 points or the Team with the most points by the end of the game wins. As of March 2022, Brawl Stars have 55 Brawlers each with their unique Skill Sets. of the 55, which ones are the Best? In this guide, I will talk about the Best Brawlers for Basket Brawl as well as what you should use in Brawl Stars.

Who are the Best Brawlers for Basket Brawl in Brawl Stars?
best brawlers basket brawl brawl stars

Basket Brawl is a game mode where Speed is King. Being fast & nimble will help you win most of your games. With such a condition you can choose two types of playstyles, one being fast & bulky while the other is stalling & controlling. Considering both styles, the Best Brawler you can play in Basket Brawl is Gale. Gale is not fast nor particularly tanky but he is the perfect Tank Killer & his whole kit revolves around slowing and stalling the enemies.

His Twister Gadget can block off sections of the Map for 10 seconds, his Freezing Snow Star Power can slow enemies, his Blustery Blow Star Power can stun enemies, & his Super can push enemies away. Plus his Super can cover a huge portion of the Map as Basket Brawl Maps tend to be small. For Gears, I recommend the Damage & Shield ones as there aren’t many bushes & the other ones don’t help him much if at all.

Best Brawlers you should pick

Gale is the obvious choice but if you cant play him then here are some that will work. Max & Stu are Brawlers that thrive in Speedy and Fast game modes. These are perfect as they are good in every aspect for Basket Brawl. Up next is Bea & Griff, these are your Main Tank Killers. In a game mode like Basket Brawl, Tanks are very dominant so having at least one Tank Killer is important. Darryl is kind of a Wildcard choice. He is a Tank but also a counter to the Tank Killers. Play him right and the enemy team will not be able to handle him.

These are the best Brawlers you can use in Basket Brawl that will get you the win. Although you will find success in other Brawlers, these are the go-to choices. Some Honourable mentions are EMZ, Tara, Collete, & Rosa. These will work but are situational.

This was all about the Best Brawlers for Basket Brawl in Brawl Stars. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List.