BG3: Best Dragonborn Class To Choose In Baldur’s Gate 3

With 11 Race and 12 Classes available, creating your character at the start can be tedious and confusing. Since many players want to select Dragonborn, our guide will help you select the best Class to choose with this character in BG3.

There are 11 Races and 12 classes for Baldur’s Gate 3 players to customize their character the way they want. However, traversing through the 3 Acts in the game without the best BG3 Builds would be quite tough for players. Since many players are inclined on selecting a particular race as well, they would need the best class to go along with those race.

One of these races that players are interested in is Dragonborn. If you are looking for the best BG3 Dragonborn Class, our guide has you covered with all you need. Since class selection is based on your playstyle, you might even have to experiment a few classes on your own. In the meanwhile, you can use our classes to experiment if it matches with your playstyle.

Best BG3 Dragonborn Class to Select

Best BG3 Dragonborn Class to Select
Image Source: TiBone (YouTube)

If you are looking for the best BG3 Dragonborn class, you should look no further than the Warlock, Fighter, or Barbarian class. While Dragonborn is a weak race, many are fascinated by it and would love to get the best out of them. So if you are looking to play with this race, you should have either Warlock, Fighter or Barbarian.

For Dragonborn, one of the solid options is the Sorcerer class for those who don’t want to play melee at all. This is probably the best BG3 Dragonborn class that players can use since not only does it provide you resistance to a certain element but also use a breath attack using the element. The numerous subraces of Dragonborn will help players with these kind of elemental damage compared to other classes.

The Barbarian class will provide a nice bonus to damage when they lodge a critical hit which can be pretty useful for a Dragonborn. However, if you are not an all out melee player, the Fighter has some useful mobility and versatility bonuses that can be really helpful during fights.

That’s all we have from this guide. If you are playing Baldur’s Gate 3, our dedicated section has more such guides for you right here at Gamer Tweak.