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Best Apex Legends Streamers To Follow in 2020

Who are the best Apex Legends streamers of 2020? Apex Legends emerged out of nowhere a year back and has given Fortnite a run for its money, Apex Legends manage to combine the combat capabilities of Overwatch with each character having special skills that make them stand out.

Just like each character has a personality of its own, the streamers who are the best at the game adjust their games according to the legends they play as. You can see each streamer show some degree of the same characteristics in their game.

Apex Legends was released by Respawn Entertainment without any announcement and just like that it swept away players with more than 50 million players jumping to check it out during its first month and it hasn’t stopped since.

Best Apex Legends Streamers


The legendary streamers who has his roots in pro esports league playing Counter-Strike. Shroud took to Apex Legends like a fish takes to water and found his calling here. Ever since Apex Legends was released, Shroud has been dominating the lobbies and his conservative approach to the game shows off his mature nature with cautious gameplay.

Shroud is good with no matter what weapon he has, he knows how each and every weapon works to its best and along with that uses the character’s active and passive abilities to their ultimate best. You will often see Shroud playing as Gibraltar making use of the passive shield which comes up every time you use ADS and a Dome of Protection to save his teammates. You can check out the best of Shroud right here.

2. Dizzy

Dizzy like Shroud, has found his fame in esports tournaments before making Apex Legends his go-to game. Dizzy is probably the only streamer in the game where people actively try to avoid him in fights. One of the most offensive players in the game. Dizzy makes perfect use of Wraith’s abilities in the game. Hiding from Dizzy becomes a huge issue as he keeps on finding kills and breaking world records for most kills in the game.

Dizzy is one of the best when it comes to hunting other players down and you can see that from his style, where aggression and art come together to deliver a lethal combo packaged in some high damage games.

3. Aceu

Aceu is a part of Team NRG and used to be Dizzy’s team member, he combines his amazing attacking strategies with some well-calculated risks. One of his favorite weapons in the Wingman handgun, this weapon in the hands of a professional is like a cannon and you will find one on Aceu almost always.

Aceu will often pick Wraith as his main, but will change up at times but his ability to flee at the sight of danger and use the same momentum to catch the enemies off guard makes him one of the best in Apex Legends. Aceu streams Apex Legends almost every day and you can catch him on Twitch.

4. Aculite

Aculite is another highly attacking streamer but his conversational skills and banter are what makes the experience even better. Aculite has been streaming for quite some time and will co ordinate attacks with a plan that workout most of the time.

A beast when it comes to SMGs, Aculite will wow you with his amazing skills both in the game and with the in-game commentary. He will actively look out for innovative things to do while in the game and takes the most risk out of any of the other streamers.

5. iTemp Plays

iTemp Plays actually feels like Pathfinder playing himself, the streamers voices and behaves almost like Pathfinder coming to life and that makes the experience more immersive. iTemp Plays has been using Pathfinder as his main but one of the biggest things about his streams is the fact that he usually plays on the PS4.

While there are tons of restrictions on the console, he makes it seem like a PC player, sometimes pulling off moves with his grappling hook making him seem like a natural at it. There are tons of funny quips in the stream and he prominently uploads on YouTube on a daily basis.

6. Daltoosh

Daltoosh’s Apex Legends game emphasize his excellence in his movements. The manner in which he finds alternate ways to take down his opponents are a lesson every time he plays. Like iTemp Plays, Daltoosh too is a constant on the PS4 and has managed to perfect his aim to an extent where he has better aim than his PC competitors.

Daltoosh, more often than not will partner up with other popular streamers and dominate the lobby, but his movement skills with his amazing ability to use the PS4 controller better than people with PC mouse is nothing short of greatness.

7. TSM_ImperialHal

TSM_ImperialHal is part of the amazing TSM clan and is a pro player and now applies his trade in Apex Legends. You can see that TSM_ImperialHal also known as Phillip Dosen thrives under pressure. When things start getting tough, you will often see the best of Dosen who manufactures and applies innovative techniques to defeat his opponents.

Not only this but the fact that Dosen is comfortable with a plethora of legends in Apex Legends makes him one of the most versatile players to take to the game. Dosen streams regularly and you can catch him Twitch every day.

8. LuluLuvely

Lululuvely, grew so much in popularity with Apex Legends that she was approached by NRG team to become their newest member, she joins the ranks with other notable streamers like Aceu.

Lulu made a name for herself as the Kraber Queen with her one-shot kills that got her fame and fortune. Lindsey has taken multiple kills with a single bullet and slowly and steadily she is winning the attention of the world. If you check out her stream you might also get the chance to see her freak out and she does not hold back and is tough and assertive.

9. Skadoodle

Skadoodle is a no-nonsense former esports player, making the shift from Counter Striker to Apex Legends has been easy for Skadoodle as his legendary sniper skills come in handy in Apex Legends too.

Skadoodle is one of the most dependable streamers in the game, who will always have his team mates back while also competing to be the Kill Leader in each and every game. There won’t be many jokes flying around during the stream but if the opportunity arises, Skadoodle will take it. The best part is the fact that Skadoodle often shows his mouse on cam, revealing how he manipulates it and still manages to puzzle with his pin point precision.

10. TSM_Viss

TSM_Viss made a name for himself when he join the team TSM, but had already rooted his streaming career with multiple gaming videos on YouTube. Viss at his peak in the game can be unstoppable with a constant barrage of bullets shooting at enemies.

TSM_Viss is a team player and in his streams, you will often find him carrying his entire team to victory. A completely independent player who excels solo as well as in a team setting. Viss can not only be unpredictable but also a shrewd player.

Most of the streamers are already in the top tier of Apex Legends ranked mode, and still dominate enough to take down entire teams by themselves. Watching these streamers play gives an insight as how good you have to be to become not only good at the game but also entertaining enough to bring in thousands of viewers to your stream everyday.

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