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Best Fortnite Streamers 2020

Fortnite’s popularity has created some of the biggest internet celebrities and this list will cover the most famous and best fortnite streamers of 2020. Fortnite has evolved ever since Epic Games introduced it back in 2017 when it wasn’t even going to be a Battle Royale game. The developers at Epic Games saw the opportunity of Battle Royale Games and created this Epic adventure which delivers exactly the kind of experience you wish to have.

The best part about Epic Games’ Fortnite is the fact that unlike military-grade rivals in the genre, Fortnite created a niche for itself. Fortnite wasn’t just a yet another all guns out shooting and survive the game, but instead, it lets you use your imagination.

Fortnite gives you the ability to merge the world of Minecraft and elements of Call of Duty in one single game. There is a perfect balance in trying to build the perfect structure for defensive and offensive abilities while pumping bullets into your opponents.

As the game grew in popularity it even managed to make a lot of people famous, Fortnite is one of the biggest games on Twitch and manages to hold over 100,000 views during peak hours.

Best Fortnite Streamers

1. Ninja

Richard Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja is probably the biggest streamer in the world right now and it is hugely thanks to Fortnite. Ninja has been at the helm of competitive gaming since the early days of Halo 3 in 2009.

Having been blessed with a sharp eye for enemies and tactical intelligence for surroundings, Ninja has been at the forefront of Fortnite ever since it was launched. Ninja broke streaming records when he hosted rapper Drake in one of his streams and has since become a legend with sponsors pouring tons of cash into his stream to be associated with him. Ninja has since partnered a deal with Microsoft and exclusively streams on its Mixer platform. The developers of Fortnite gifted Ninja with a skin of his own, celebrating his achievements in the game.

2. Tfue

Though Tfue recently got famous for his lawsuit against FaZe Clan, it is without question that Turner Tenney is the next in line for the crown of Fortnite’s champion. Tfue has defeated Ninja a couple of times in 1v1 which helped his rise to fame. Tfue is a sharp competitor who can quickly turn the tide with exceptional positioning qualities and building capabilities.

Tfue is exceptional when it comes to edit and build structures that give him defensive support while he tries to find a way to edit towards you without you noticing him. As of late, Tfue has been focusing more on being better at the game and taking Ninja’s spot.

3. Dr. Disrespect

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV also known as Dr. Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers because there is theatrics to his acts. You never know where the streamer personality ends and where the real gamer behind it rises as Dr. Disrespect always is in character. He is iconic for the red sunglasses that he dons and has gone on to create the persona of a veteran.

A lot of people probably do not know but Dr. Disrespect used to work in the gaming industry and has worked on games such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Every stream by Dr. Disrespect is a piece of uncertainness where you will never know what to expect. From Twitch bans to almost record-breaking numbers Dr. Disrespect has gone through all of it in his career as a streamer.

4. Myth

Myth is often recognized as one of the best Fortnite players when it comes to building, this accolade comes complementing his amazing gaming abilities and sharp reflexes that make Myth such a huge celebrity in the Fortnite community. Myth creates pathways for himself in an unprecedented manner which helps him get tons of wins in Fortnite.

Ali Kabbani also is known as Myth is TSM’s star player in their Fortnite team and is always a huge presence during top competitions. While Myth hasn’t completely given all his time to streaming, it gives you a slight insight into how competitive Fortnite can be when it comes to some of the best players in the world.

5. Summit1G

If you are looking for someone who has the ability of a pro-Fortnite player but can also present his content in a professionally produced manner then you should check out summmit1G. A pro prodigy who has retired from the competitive tournaments, but he brings all that experience when it comes to clearing out the lobby.

To summarize Summit1G’s game you could say that he is somewhat of a safe player as it comes to him naturally but that same wisdom helps him dominate other players when he is 1v1. Do not be surprised if Summit1G is he decides to take on an entire team while streaming as he is more than capable. If nothing else his antics will keep you entertained throughout the entire stream.

6. Pokimane

While Pokimane may not primarily play a lot of Fortnite, she has made a name for herself in this Battle Royale game, so much that during a recent event Epic Games included a dance emote performed by Pokimane in the game. Her fan base is one of the most active in Fortnite with tons of memes and an all-round light mood keeps everything in motion.

Pokimane usually has a wide range of topics to pick from and one of the best things about her streams is the fact that she plays with random teammates often, so if by you happen to play at the same time you could very well be with her. You can check out this amazing clip of Pokimane with a random Fortnite player having fun. Content creation comes naturally to her and all of her streams are fun.

7. Daequan

Daequan is part of team TSM, one of the best teams in Pro Fortnite championships, a true professional with a razor-sharp vision and tons of screaming. Daequan will often partner with other content creators who have a huge fan base on Fortnite and will dominate the lobby. There are tons of little tricks that you can discover watching him play.

Daequan is liked by almost everyone in the Fortnite community and you will often find him talking about or to other streamers. Daequan has been playing Fortnite since the start and by now is one of the best players who can also hold a really good and entertaining stream. Daequan singlehandedly brought the shotgun to fame with his extraordinary skills.

8. Nick Eh 30

Nick Eh 30 is infamous for his builds with traps embedded in them that give make him an evil genius. Nick Eh 30 exclusively streams on YouTube which brings him a lot of viewers. He is often the point of conversation when epic builds in Fortnite is discussed. Nick Eh 30 will often switch the pieces in his buildings to find that perfect spot to hunt a kill.

A stream with Nick Eh 30 is like a crash course in editing and building and we cannot recommend him enough for it.

9. Dakotaz

The master of distance combat and while he can be lethal with a sniper, he is close combat abilities are just too good. Dakotaz has taken out a plethora of teams armed with a sniper even before the opponent could engage in combat. Like every Fortnite streamer, Dakotaz is great at building too.

But Dakotaz excels in pushing teams and gaining some space for him to execute opponents, his genius plays are often seen in the YouTube compilation of Epic Wins in Fortnite. Dakotaz is light on his feet and this comes in handy when taking on opponents at close range. Be it a pistol, shotgun or his preferred sniper there aren’t many places where you can hide from Dakotaz in Fortnite.


NICKMERCS is also called the console God of Fortnite, while most players use PC as it gives a much more advantage, NICKMERCS handles his own on a friggin console. With limited button configuration, he has taken on some of the best Fortnite players and has bested them.

NICKMERCS rose to glory when he won the first Fortnite tournament. If you hadn’t known that he is on a console you would simply think that he too is a PC player with the ease at which he builds things and that in itself is a feat worth admiring.

These are some of the best Fortnite Streamers, though it is not a certainty that they will play Fortnite every single day but you should definitely check them out for their skills as they YouTube channels are filled with tons of epic moments and funny instances.