How to Find Hitman 3 Berlin Safe Code Keypad Location

To access the safe in Hirschmuller’s office and get the items within, you will have to find Hitman 3 Berlin safe code keypad location.

Similar to accessing the Staff Area in Dubai in Hitman 3, you can access a safe in one of the challenges in Berlin. You will need to find the code and the location of the Safe. Not a single of the two things is easy to complete as the code is a part of a dialogue that is easily missable and the location is, well, on an underground level.

Hitman 3: Where to Find Safe Code and Keypad Location in Berlin

Deciphering the safe code and finding the keypad location in Berlin is a troublesome challenge. Hence, we have made it simple by crafting this step-by-step guide. All you need to do is follow these steps as listed below and you will find both the safe code and the keypad location. We have divided the guide into two sections: safe code and safe keypad location.

What is Berlin’s Safe Code in Hitman 3?

Hitman Berlin Safe Code

  1. Get a tech uniform by eliminating one of them
  2. Head inside the club
  3. Find and use the stairs with the bolts above them to go underground
  4. Navigate all the way to level -2 (Walk south towards the end of the hall and take a right, go past the
  5. “Tech Only” door and take a left to go past double exit doors)
  6. When you are at Level -2, find two techs and hear them talk
  7. They would say that the Hitman 3 Berlin Safe Code is, “year the wall went down”
  8. Decipher the code, well there’s nothing to decipher as the year when wall went down in Berlin was 1989 (that’s the code)

Hitman 3 Berlin Safe Code Keypad Location

  1. After hearing the techs, take a right and take down two bikers
  2. Turn right again and get inside the room with two guards (it is the surveillance room where you can destroy the video evidence (
  3. Take the club keycard from the shelves to the left of the entrance
  4. Once you have the keycard, head back to the location where you took down the bikers and access the restricted area door with the keycard to enter Hirschmuller’s office
  5. Sneak past the people in the office and head left towards the shelves where you will find the Safe
  6. Use the keypad to enter the code: 1989 and collect the items within

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Hitman 3 Berlin safe code keypad location. There are several such safe locations and keycodes to find. You can read our guide on Hitman 3 Dubai in all safe combinations. Also, consider reading how to complete some other challenges such as the Vertical Approach and the Mile High drop challenge.