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Elden Ring Bell Bearing Hunter Not Spawning Fix

Here's how to make the Bell Bearing Hunter boss appear at its locations.

The Bell Bearing Hunter is an optional boss enemy that you can find in various locations including Warmaster’s Shack (Stormhill), Church of Vows (Liurnia) and more. If you are all set to defeat him but he’s just not appearing in the game for you, check if you are fulfilling all the necessary requirements. Keep reading to know why the Bell Bearing Hunter might not be spawning in Elden Ring and what you should do to make him show up.


How to Make the Bell Bearing Hunter Spawn in Elden Ring?

To fix the problem where the Bell Bearing Hunter is not spawning, find out if you are satisfying the conditions mentioned below:

how to spawn bell bearing hunter


  • Make sure it is night time when you are in the location where the boss is supposed to appear. Rest at a site of grace and go from day to night.  Under the Site of Grace options, find “Pass time” and choose “Until Nightfall” to change the time of day. After this, rest at that location again (yes, the second resting time is required).
  • If you have already killed this enemy at a certain location, he will not show up again at that place.
  • Assuming it’s already night time, rest at the nearest site of grace and exit it.
  • If the merchant isn’t there when you reach the location where the Bell Bearing Hunter is supposed to spawn, then this means the boss is going to come out for a fight soon.

How to Make Bell Bearing Hunter Show Up in Warmaster’s Shack (Stormhill)

  • To make the Bell Bearing Hunter appear in the Warmaster’s Shack location, enter the shack to trigger it. Apart from this, make sure you have bought an Ash of War from Bernahl to trigger the appearance of this tough enemy.


Church of Vows (Liurnia)

  • Enter the Church of Vows in this location to make the boss spawn.

Hermit Merchant’s Shack (Leyndell Royal Capital)


  • If the boss is not appearing in this location, go inside the shack to see if he does.

Isolated Merchant’s Shack (Dragonbarrow)

  • Go inside the shack, come back outside to find him there.

Once you complete these prerequisites, you should be able to make him appear. Be ready, though, because he will give you a hard time. Every swing of his weapon deals massive damage. When he charges at you and lands some epic long distance melee attacks, your health bar will take quite the hit. This enemy is weak to pierce damage, lightning damage and poison, though and here are some weapons that you can consider for this battle.

  • Pierce damage: Reduvia, Twinblade, Winged Spear, Dragonscale Blade, Black Knife and Uchigatana.
  • Lightning damage: Bolt of Gransax, Dragon Greatclaw and Veteran’s Prosthesis.
  • Poison effect: Serpent Bow, Venomous Fang, Serpentbone Blade, Coil Shield and Ant’s Skull Plate.

Now that you know how to make him spawn check out our guide on how to beat Bell Bearing Hunter. And, if this guide gave you the answers you were looking for, be sure to read more Elden Ring guides on Gamer Tweak.