How To Beat The Devourer In Minecraft Legends

Having a tough time against the Devourer? We will tell you how to reach and beat this mob boss.

The Devourer in Minecraft Legends is the piglin leader of the Horde of the Spore, and a tough mob boss to beat. For those unaware, the Devourer is one of the generals of the Great Hog. It enters the Overworld once you destroy some of the piglin bases. Many players are having trouble reaching this mob boss. To help you out, we’ll tell you how to spawn, reach and defeat this boss.

How to Spawn & Find the Devourer

Build Ramps and Bridges to reach Devourer
Image Source: Levas on YouTube

To spawn the Devourer into the Overworld, players must destroy all Horde of the Spore bases. Once you do that, the Devourer will rise from its soup bath and enter the Overworld. Now, to find this mob boss, simply open your map and look for an area highlighted in turquoise green color with a Nether portal at the center.

Preparing for Devourer Battle

The Devourer in Minecraft Legends is strong, so you should prepare before entering the fight. The first thing you’ll need is a lot of wood. This is unlike other Horde of the Spore bases, where you must climb the platforms and destroy the portal. In this fight, the boss moves around on platforms so you’ll need loads of wood to build ramps and platforms.

Next, build a Cure Netherrack on the border of the corrupted grounds. Then, build the Spawners for Creepers, Golems, and Zombies. Zombies work well against the Devourer because they are not affected by the poison. Other mobs like the Cobblestone Golems and Plank Golems will help you beat the nearby piglins and destroy their offensive structures. Last but not least, some Mossy Golems to help you heal in the heat of the battle.

How to Beat the Devourer in Minecraft Legends

Devourer on Final Platform
Image Source: Levas on YouTube

To beat the Devourer in Minecraft Legends:

  1. Make your way to the platform on which the Devourer has settled.
  2. As you scale different platforms, destroy the structures on them to protect your mob.
  3. Once you reach the Devourer’s platform, send your Zombies and Plank Golems to inflict damage.
  4. This boss has several melee attacks like Smash and AoE attacks like Vomit and Puss Spew. Make sure you hit and run to avoid damage from these attacks.
  5. At 70% health, the Devourer will jump to a different platform, meaning you’re close to beating it in Minecraft Legends. Chase it and continue your barrage of attacks.
  6. Again at 30% health, the Devourer will jump to the platform with the Nether portal. Build new ramps and head over to this platform.
  7. Now, use all your mobs and attack to deplete its health.
  8. Once you beat this boss, you’ll receive 100 Gold and a Piglin Key.

That’s all from us on how to reach and beat the Devourer in Minecraft Legends. Before heading out to beat strong bosses, you should learn how to increase your banner size. To learn more, make sure you visit our ML guides section.