Sonic Frontiers: How To Beat The Squid Guardian (Boss Guide)

Here's how you can beat the Squid Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

The latest game of the Sonic the Hedgehog series is here and it is larger than ever. Unlike its predecessors, Sonic Frontiers features an open world and a wide range of abilities. But with new flashy attacks comes the toughest opponents the series has ever seen. While exploring the mysterious Starfall Islands, you will engage in mini-boss fights. Some bosses like the Squid Guardian will require you to use strategy instead of pummeling away at them. In this article, we will tell you how to beat the Squid Guardian in Sonic Frontiers.

How to Beat the Squid Guardian Boss in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers beat squid second phase

The Squid Guardian is located on Kronos Island marked with crossed red swords on the map. You will find this boss floating in the air with a huge purple tail. To start the fight, walk up to the Squid and a short cutscene will play.

After that, jump on its tail and the battle will begin. In the first phase of the fight, you will be running after the Squid Guardian on its giant tail. There are three lanes on the tail and the Squid will attack you with projectiles on them. Dodge the projectiles and use dash to close the distance between you and the Squid. Once you are close enough to its head, you will get a prompt to perform a Homing Attack.

Beware of the projectiles when you are close to its head as they are harder to dodge. Once you hit the Squid, it will stop and the second phase of the fight will begin.

In this phase, you will be on a large circular platform with the Squid Guardian in the center. It will attack you with its tentacles and use a shield to defend itself. Dodge the melee attacks and run around the Squid until its shield is down. Then pummel its head with everything you can to defeat the Squid Guardian in Sonic Frontiers.

However, after depleting its health to a certain point, the Squid will try to fly away again bringing you to the first phase. Repeat the same process until you take it down.

That’s all from us on how to beat the Squid Guardian in Sonic Frontiers. For more helpful guides like How to Drop Dash and How to Change Style of Play, visit GamerTweak soon.